The AK-47, adopted and standardized in 1947, remains the most effective assault rifle with no competitors. The easy to use, maintenance-free AK 47 remains the best choice for all troops since it became popular after the world war. Let’s see what makes the AK 47 the real legend.



During world war2, the Germans put forward the concept of the assault rifle based on the idea that most of the combat takes place in the range of 300m, and is a rifle that can produce maximum punch in this range would turn the luck. They designed a rifle with a submachine gun, i.e., a large magazine, and options for selective power with a medium power cartridge. The result was German “Sturmgewehr 44″ STG 44. But this was not the actual predecessor. The Italians produced the Cei-Rigotti, but STG44 was the first to be made in field sufficient quantities.

The inventor of AK 47, Mikhail Kalashnikov, thought of designing an efficient assault rifle after he was wounded in the “Battle Bryansk,” where his side got a lot of damage due to German STG44. The result was the legendary AK47. The designer of Ak 47 can be said to be the combination of useful features of STG 44, Remington model 8, and M1 Carbine, few popular ones.

The first AK 47’s used sheet metal receivers, which were replaced by machined steel receivers. AK 47 entered service in 1947. But only by around 1956, it was supplied in bulk to the troops.



The Ak 47 is simple and easy to be used by anyone with any conditions. Initially, it was designed for Arctic conditions, but it proved to be the best all-weather rifle. The large gas piston, sufficient clearance between moving parts, and pointed cartridge case design made it a jam-proof rifle. The loosely fitting parts reduce the accuracy, but it’s not a decisive factor at ranges within 300m where a large number of troops armed with AK deliver mass fire on the bad guys. Actually, for this AK 47 is designed.

The earlier AK’s had separate mode selector and safety catches. Later these were combined into a single lever. The mode selector acts as a dust cover for the ejector port, which is a great utility when used in bad weather. The bore, chamber, gas cylinder, and piston are Chrome plated, which increases life.

The AK 47 can be shot in two modes. In a semi-automatic way, there will be one-shot for every single trigger pull. In the fully automatic mode, the rifle continues to fire until the magazine is emptied.


Ballistics used

The standard ballistic for AK 47 is a 7.62×39mm round with a muzzle velocity of 710 m/s.The length of the cartridge case is 38.6 millimeters; the weight is 18.21 grams. The importance of projectiles is usually 8 grams. The AK-47, with the 7.62×39mm cartridge, has a maximum effective range of about 400 m.


Cultural influences

The fame of AK 47 is not only confined to the battlefield. It has a significant influence on the artistic side of many nations. The AK 47 has taken place in the flag of Mozambique and its coat of arms.AK has also taken place in the skin of Zimbabwe and Eastern Timour, the revolution era coat of arms of Burkina Faso, the flag of Hezbollah, and the Iranian Islamic logo Revolutionary Guards Corps. In some African countries, the young boys are often called “Kalash,” a shorter Kalashnikov form.


In 2006, the Latin American musician and peace activist César López devised the “Escopetarra,” an AK 47 converted into a guitar. One was sold for 17,000 US$ in a fundraiser bid held to help the anti-personnel mine victims, while the other one is exhibited at the United Nations’ Conference on Disarmament. Products named” Kalashnikov Vodka” “Kalashnikov wristwatch” are also in the markets.

What more an Assault rifle could be. That’s why AK 47 is considered a mile ahead on almost every aspect of its nearest competitors.