Literacy Planet can be defined as educational material that can help both teachers and their students. Learn how Literacy Planet in Australia has been transforming the way of teaching and delivering exceptional outcomes in modern classrooms.

Gone are the days when teaching was only about reading from books. In the 21st-century world, education has stretched its boundaries to make students aware of the real-world problems and teach how to resolve them.

Today, children need a fun and engaging educational environment where they can enjoy learning new things. Literacy Planet takes these efforts to the next level with its approach.

What exactly is Literacy Planet

Literacy Planet, or LiteracyPlanet, is a personalised approach that provides teachers with comprehensive educational resources that help them in getting the desired curriculum outcomes. Through Literacy Planet in Australia, teachers get resources that help them meet their classroom needs by monitoring student engagement with the program.

It means the program provides teachers with the flexibility to control how each student learns in the classroom. They can provide unique instructions to individual students and keep them engaged with the program.

In simple words, Literacy Planet can be defined as a program to keep students motivated and engaged in their classroom by providing them with a fun environment where they can challenge their learning and improve their skills.

Benefits of Literacy Planet

As suggested, the program empowers teachers to transform the way they teach their children by monitoring their engagement in the classroom. However, LiteracyPlanet does much more than that. Here are some benefits of the program in Australia:

  • Gamified Learning

Who doesn’t like games? Everyone does. From kids to teens and adults, arguably everyone goes gaga over games. But, playing games for a long duration isn’t good for kids. However, Literacy Planet in Australia is different from standard games. It combines the fun of gaming with learning. It provides students with new, engaging challenges that they love to solve while having fun.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

Teaching is challenging, especially in the case of little students. As each student has unique abilities and capabilities than others, it becomes difficult for teachers to monitor the progress of each student and provide them with educational resources that suit their educational requirements.

However, the Literacy Planet program makes it a lot easier than ever by providing teachers with increased control and real-time reporting. They can use different tools of the program to create quick reports to find out how each student is performing.

  • Curriculum-aligned Resources

A significant objective of the program is to provide students with an educational environment where they can learn new things and succeed. Each activity of the program can be personalised to meet the curriculum requirements of a classroom. It means teachers can make use of the program to design their classroom activities to make it easy for students to learn new things while having fun in the classroom.

  • Multiple Literacy Strands

From phonics to sight words and comprehension, there are plenty of things in the program that students can learn to grow. Teachers can use these strands to teach all types of students and improve their understanding of a subject.

In the End

Literacy Planet in Australia is a highly effective educational program that creates a fun, learning environment for students. On the other hand, teachers get highly effective educational resources that they can combine with their current teaching practices to provide children with a more engaging environment to grow.