Pikdo is one of the most popular social media tools that is being used by people all across the globe. If you are an Instagram user then you might have heard about pikdo. Both of these platforms go hand in hand because you must know that pikdo is mainly used for viewing pictures and videos on Instagram. Pikdo has a very simple and straightforward interface which can be understood by anyone and everyone.

What is Pikdo?

Leighnk pikdo is one of the famous social media apps that you can use on the go and this is all thanks to its extravagant features. With the help of pikdo you can easily view statuses, IGTV clips, stories and favorite photos like a pro. You can also share your latest images or views with everyone using Pikdo. Pikdo is one of the must have apps that should be used by everyone who has a mobile phone and is a religious Instagram users!

Features of Pikdo

Just like other Instagram online viewers pikdo also uses third party social networking platforms for providing you details about the pictures and other graphic content posted/published by your followers/friends.

There are many important features of pikdo which makes it an extraordinary choice but one of the most important one is that you can easily manage and also track the activities of multiple accounts from one place.

This feature of Leighnk pikdo is very important for users who are managing multiple business accounts and are going through a lot of stress in this job. Pikdo helps you to get all the updates in one place. You would no longer have to manage different accounts by signing up on them on different devices. You can make your private account with pikdo and sync different accounts with it.

Pikdo is known to be the perfect option for people who are traveling and want to manage their business from a single device without logging in and out repeatedly.

You must also know that with the help of pikdo you can also customize, personalize and manage your interface. You can set your own personal space with this tool.

Why should you use pikdo as an Instagram viewer?

Pikdo is recommended by experts to be used as a designated Instagram viewer tool cum app that can reflect a positive user experience. The reason behind the actual design of pikdo was to urge the creators of the app to launch its web version. Because of the lack of web version of Instagram pikdo filled in the space and become a friendly option for account management.

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You must also know that the reason that pikdo as one of the best Instagram viewers is because it can supply simple options and features without any restrictions or shall we say bells & whistles. Pikdo is very easy to use and even a lay person can learn account management with it. For getting more details about pikdo we would suggest you to start using it and enjoy yourself!