Tea Tree Oil ranks with the strongest and most efficient natural antiseptics. It kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi on making contact. It isn’t common in first aid suitcases. However, it makes an indispensable addition to it. It’s a good thing to have in medicine cabinets. People packing their bags for a much-needed break from their everyday lives will do well by taking it along. However, people should know it’s for topical application only.

The medicinal history of Tea tree

The use of Tea tree by Australian Aboriginals dates back centuries. What did they do? They brewed the leaves and applied the paste on various ailments and for repelling insects. Tea Tree samples were carried to Great Britain for study. It was then that its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effects were established. At present, it’s renowned and prevalent in the treatment of cuts, wounds, acne, ringworm, sore throat, vaginal infections, athlete’s foot, insect bites, hemorrhoids, and dandruff.

Some precautions to take while using Tea Tree oil

An important point that people should know about Tea Tree oil is that it’s noxious when ingested. It can bring about diarrhea, vomiting, acute rash, a confused feeling, and even coma. More? People should be careful about the topical application of Tea Tree on pets. They should consult a vet before doing so. Some patients have also reported experiencing contact dermatitis during the topical application of Tea Tree oil. The use of a diluted concentration could help lessen the occurrence of any skin reaction.

The prevalent topical applications of Tea Tree oil includes shampoo for treating dandruff

People can apply Tea Tree straight to acne lesions or straight to lesions of ringworm or Athlete foot. They will experience some drying.

Natural health practitioners suggest adding a couple of drops or three to shampoo for the treatment of dandruff.

What do they recommend for an athlete’s foot bath? They recommend soaking the feet thrice daily in a tub of water having between 20 and 25 drops of Tea Tree oil. One soaking session should be of 15 minutes.

What do they recommend for treating vaginitis or yeast infection? They recommend mixing one teaspoonful in 2 cups of water and douching every day for four to six weeks. This mixture also helps in the treatment of external hemorrhoids.

An excellent tea tree oil shampoo for itchy, flaky scalp

Jason tea tree normalizing shampoois designed to invigorate dry, fragile hair and relieve flaky vexed scalps. Jason tea tree shampoo has sea algae extract and aloe Vera gel and hydrates and plumps up the hair fiber for protection from heat styling.

The Australian tea tree oil present in this shampoo helps control itchiness. Its jojoba oil helps lubricate hair and scalp. The result is light and shiny hair.

People should work up a lather with this tea tree shampoo. Then, they should rinse and do another round of lathering to get rid of dogged oils and surplus everyday dirt and debris.

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