Are you noticing random number sequences such as 11:11 and 4:444 where ever you go? If so, you’re not alone; statistically there is a higher probability that you are seeing numbers that are in the Fibonacci sequence. Numbers which are. Just like there is a Fibonacci calculator for numbers; there is a tool called the Fibonacci ratios which helps reveal whether or not you are seeing Fibonacci numbers; the ones which cannot be created by any human.

There are many people out there who believe they are seeing angel numbers, but the truth is they just don’t know what they are. If you’re like me, you probably wonder, or want to know the meaning of some of these, which have led many believers to believe that there are entities controlling our lives. Perhaps even the government. It’s all a big mystery isn’t it?

But I think it’s more than a mystery because if someone was to show the actual meaning of all these strange angel numbers it would blow their minds. And this is probably exactly why there is no actual meaning to these recurring patterns in our universe. The real meaning is that our spiritual guides, the enlightened beings who live from a higher consciousness, work with us in our lives to help us make the choices we must make in order to move forward, and not stagnate where we currently are. And it is for this reason we should never focus on what some call “repetitive” patterns, when really what we should be focusing on is the fact that the universe has its own internal clock and that each of us is running on the same clock as the universe.

As you may now be aware, from a very basic level, our life paths in the Fibonacci spiral are simply repeating itself. We’ve all experienced this in our own life. For example, I can think of walking up a hill, going left, feeling the light begins to grow stronger, and then I go right up to the top and look down. This same process repeats itself infinitely, like a video or movie in the making. And if we’re on the correct path, then we’ll see beautiful things happen in each step along our path; but if we are not on the correct path, then we will experience heartbreak and even tragedy.

So, why does our life path number system repeat itself? The answer is simple. All things in the universe repeat themselves because they have a purpose. Angels are the messengers of God and the cherubim (males and females) are messengers of evil. If we follow the angels’ purpose in sending us angel numbers and assign them numbers according to our life path, then we are guaranteed an excellent life. The reason for this is simply due to the universal code of the universe which is mathematical in nature.

So if you are doing your homework on numerology, you should know that the numbers assigned to specific angels are based on your birth date, your Zodiac sign and the year of your birth. These factors combine to reveal your angel numbers. You can only see your own number if you are seeing yourself objectively. The truth is, no one can truly see themselves objectively because it is impossible to see oneself as an extension of another person or an idea. It is therefore believed by experts in spiritual numerology that we should view our life as a mirror. When we do this, it is easy to see our self-image and true identity.

From what has been mentioned above, it can be concluded that the angels assign angel numbers according to a series of numbers that are then seen throughout our lives. Many people may not understand these angel numbers but those who have already mastered the art of spiritual numerology have found this information to be all-important. They help us learn the meaning of our numbers and the meanings of our spirit guides, our guardian angels and our deceased family members. Angel numbers may also be used as a reference by some spiritual healers to help them learn more about a particular disease or illness that they have just heard about.

Angel Numbers may also be used in astrology by those who have mastered the art of the runes. By consulting the runes, the readers are able to learn more about the Angel Numbers of the celestial realms. Most spiritual teachers believe that the angel numbers found in manuscripts and books are the way our spiritual guide, guardian angels and our ancestors have lived on Earth and are now alive in the afterlife. There are certain repeating numbers that cannot be deciphered by anyone except for spiritually gifted individuals who have studied these sacred texts.