Aquarius man and Scorpio woman are two of the most famous natures among the zodiac signs. Still, this makes them function great, so the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman are one of the best pairings.

 Love and Marriage

 Aquarius Man and Scorpio woman value honesty over everything, but they will try not to hurt each other even when the truth is more than obvious. Even though the Aquarius man is famous for his infidelity, he will restrain himself a bit. Everybody knows what happens when you hurt a Scorpio, so he will take care of his actions when it comes to his connection to other women. Scorpio woman might flirt a bit, but she would never cheat on her partner.

 Even though the Scorpio woman likes to be wild and free, once she gets into a relationship with the Aquarius man, she will act as a safeguard towards him. Aquarius man can stand a lot, except for a woman who will tell him what to do or restraint his freedom. Scorpio woman will have to calm down her need to possess her partner, or he will run away. On the other side, the Aquarius man should realize that giving in to a woman doesn’t have to be a negative for his own freedom.

 Even though they have some tensed aspects, the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman are great at solving mutual problems. Scorpio woman is a physical type, but she also adores intellectual conversations, so the Aquarius man is a perfect guy to fill up this gap with the Scorpio woman. Both partners crave new, constant excitements, novelties, adventures, risks, as routine scares them. Usually, they have the same hobbies or develop a mutual hobby after a while.

 Aquarius man will open up more as the time passes by, but he will never open up completely. Still, once he sees that the Scorpio woman gives him almost everything that he has always been looking for, he will commit to this relationship fully, enjoying strong and unique love with the Scorpio woman.


Scorpio woman wants to impress even people she doesn’t know, not to talk about her friends. She is one of the most popular persons in town, as everybody knows her and talks about her. Yet, this lady has her strong guard so no one can approach her truly until she lets you get close.

Aquarius man is similar when it comes to friendships, as he spends most of his time with his friends at cafes, doing sport, or going out with ladies. When you bring together these two guarded personalities, it might be hard at the very beginning for them to reach for the other. Still, one of them will surely make a move.

Even though this friendship has many great aspects – interesting conversations, intellectual connection, the same sense for adventure etc, the Scorpio woman will always bring up her jealousy. She is the possessive type, so she wants the Aquarius man to hang out with her only. This side of his friend will annoy him, but he won’t give her up.