The Allure of High Rise Buildings

Man has always been fascinated by the unknown and the unattainable. First among this list comes the sky. The limitless sky is one thing that holds us in awe. Hence it was not long before attempts were made to reach it. Although reaching it once was not enough; we are now trying to live as close to it as we can. This is, of course, made possible by the magnificent high rise buildings that we see everywhere today. They are popularly called residential towers or high rise towers. These are very tall buildings consisting of many floors with apartments on each floor. Residential towers are always fascinating to people, and they have a certain charm. Most builders use it as a sure-shot way of encouraging their buyers and driving them in. 

Why Should You Consider High Rise Living?

If you are looking to buy a new property and are not sure if high rise buildings are the ones you should go for, worry not because you are not alone in facing this dilemma. Most first-time buyers are at crossroads regarding this. And it is natural to be a little conflicted about undertaking something new. Given below are some factors to analyse different aspects of living in a residential tower. 

1. Proper Use of Building Space

Skyscrapers and high rise buildings use a limited amount of ground area but manage to house a much greater number of people than other buildings. This is one of their unrivalled points of fascination and allure because, even then, many high rise buildings, such as the ones built by ATS Knightsbridge, manage to provide a beautiful and private home to their occupants. 

2. Compact

With many apartments clustered together in one tall building, it brings the real taste of city life. People who live in high rise buildings get very creative about using their space, and it can be quite nifty. You can turn your apartment into a very spacious and comfortable one. Designing your apartment according to your requirements will leave you with ample space to relax and seek comfort. For instance, you can select furniture pieces with shorter legs to make your apartment appear larger. 

3. Environmental Impact

High rise buildings often give people the wrong idea about their role in the environment because of their sheer urbanity and modernity. Still, all factors aside, they have a very positive impact on the environment. Residential towers use less building space, are compact. 

4. The Views

This is the most used argument in favour of high rise buildings, and they hold. The view that the top floors of a high rise building can offer is magnificent. The soaring skyline of the city and spacious home can work wonders on improving the quality of life. They allow for plenty of air and sunlight to enter the homes and thus are much preferable. It is a surreal experience to live in a skyscraper and wake up to a calming view right outside your window.

5. Convenience

Because of their compactness, residential towers make all efforts to make the lives of their residents much more convenient. They have all the basic and unique amenities anyone could desire. They are located in convenient locations near the city and offer many different amenities to their residents. These include theatres, gymnasiums, clubhouses, etc. An example of one such residential tower area is Knightsbridge Noida

If you are looking to buy a comfortable and compact home with all luxuries at your disposal, then high rise living is just the thing for you.