A Mercedes Benz is certainly a great car for any individual or business; on or off the road… because being associated with this car surely leaves a strong impression on your peers and clients, but have you ever wondered where this magic begins?


Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany satisfies your curiosity as you can take an approximately 100 minute-long on-foot-tour to discover how these astonishing cars are built. But be careful, because you might be considering selling your car and get yourself a Mercedes by the end of it.


Here is all you need to know in case you decided to take this time machine-like tour…

Things You Should Know Before Taking the Tour

  • You must wear stout shoes as it is safer, especially if you are intending to visit the engine production facility.  
  • The tour can only be taken on foot (around 100 minutes).
  • It can be booked for individuals or groups.
  • Tours are available in both English and German.


Covering a space of 16,500 m², the museum is so big with over 1,500 exhibits. That’s why the company decided that it would be more convenient for visitors to choose what they want to see, offering them many special guided tours. 


Below a list of these special tours.



  • Architecture tour



In this tour, you will be amazed by one of the milestones in modern architecture, as you will learn a lot of details about this spiral building similar to a DNA double helix. Places covered in this tour are the museum itself, the lounge, casino, and roof terrace if available. 



  • Women and Cars tour



In this tour you will learn about the roles and contributions of women in the motor industry, passing by many names like Bertha Benz, Mercedes Jellinek, Ernes Merck, Ewy Rosqvist, Dorothy Levitt, and many others.



  • Children tour



This tour is intended for kids between 6 and 12 years old. Each kid can bring his own favorite toy car and look for the big model it was built after.



  • Motorsport  



This tour is like seeing the timeline of racing cars since 1894 with the first racing car in history, to the current powerful engines, and up to the futuristic vision of motorsport. vintage car lovers will definitely be happy to see supercharged cars, Silver Arrows, the legendary 300 SL, and many Mercedes cars that participated in DTM (German Touring Car Masters) and Formula 1. 



  • Classic tour   



One of the most booked tours at the museum as it tells you everything about the amazing world of cars from 1886 up until now. Damien Dabrowski, one of Mercedes’ most qualified guides, says about this one: “130 years of motorcar history sounds like a long time. But the decades have just flown by because that history is so diverse. During the guided tour of the museum, you will get to know the highlights of the exhibition – and not only the motorcar highlights.”



  • Commercial vehicles 



Carl Benz was one of the pioneers in the automobile field of transporting people and goods. On this tour, you have the chance to learn more about more than 40 historical trucks, vans, and busses.  



  • Mobility of the Future



In this tour, you can have a quick peek at what cars would look like in 2035. Besides, you can try the automated valet parking at the end of the tour.



  • Visit the Engine Production Facility 



Here you are visiting the place where the first production lines were put to work. In this tour, you can enjoy the process of assembling cars from raw materials to the final product!


You have to note here that in case you are not wearing stout shoes you will not be allowed to take this tour and people under the age of 16 are not allowed to take this tour for their own protection. 


Human history is full of greatness, no one can deny that cars form a big part of this history which deserves to be studied and enjoyed.


And who’s better than the gods of steel to give people interested in cars an extended view on one of the most famous motors around the world. Although each has his own preferences, there is a kind of bond between a man and his car as it’s not merely an asset that one can buy, it’s more like a childhood dream that comes true.


Author: Sultan Asad


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