Executing is the key to effective management. Over the past 15 year, the potential number of employees has increased exponentially. It has never been more important to hire the right people and find the best candidates. It can be costly to skip a thorough assessment because a background check in Arizona for unqualified workers can include history of theft and workplace violence which can all pose problems for employers. A background check can help with any questions you may have about background checks in Arizona or across the country..


This database includes conviction information of individuals who were or are currently under the Arizona Department of Corrections’ jurisdiction.


This Arizona background check database includes historical and current conviction and arrest information for individuals who are or were under the jurisdiction Arizona Court system.

Maricopa County

This database contains supplemental court data from Maricopa County Courts (1992) and Superior Court (1997).

Maricopa County Superior Archive

This database contains historical conviction information of individuals who have been under the jurisdiction of the superior county circuit courts systems of Maricopa (Arizona).

Mohave County

This database contains supplemental court data for Mohave County.

Pima County

This database contains the criminal index of defendants, case number and filing date for individuals involved in felony matters that were filed with the Office of the Clerk of Superior and Supreme Courts of Pima County. It is valid for at least seven consecutive years. To keep you informed of the latest data, monthly updates are provided.

P.O.D(Proprietary Offenders Database)

This database includes proprietary criminal data, which was compiled from federal, county, and state criminal requests from all 50 US states. This database also contains data from the Solution Provider network.