In every place on earth, the prime ingredients to life are water and food. Food needs preparation, cooking for which fire is a necessity. Those travelling from India to the gulf countries are aware of the potentially rich energy resources produced in the desert. Resources produced and available at hand for use are two different things especially when it comes to highly inflammable things like cooking gas.

Basically I belong to the typical middle class Keralite family whose parents only dream is to make their children settle in the middle east. And when you have achieved that then comes the big advice: “You have to cook and eat, don’t eat from outside”. No matter where you go or whatever your designation might be, this is the only advice mothers’ have to give to their travelling daughters. The Indian kitchen is never complete without a gas-stove, be it anywhere in the world. I was travelling to Muscat for the first time when the nervy jitters were setting in during landing in Dubai. After the landing in Dubai I proceeded for Muscat. On the way I could see a few advertisements of LPG Distributors in Muscat and it took about two hours to reach Muscat. Visuals while on the road of the AWAN LPG Distributor Trucks passing by added to my confidence, at least my kitchen would be set now that’s mean a happy mom!

On reaching Muscat, the first thing I had to look for was the availability of LPG Distributors nearby and fortunately I had an LPG Distributor terminal close by to home in Muscat. GPS helped me to locate a number of LPG Distributors nearby and so making a choice became difficult. Nearest LPG Distributor terminal was just 500 meters away and I found it closed by the time reached. Enquiries for a 24×7 LPG Distributor in Muscat brought few suggestions like the AWAN but I had to reach the right person to place an order before the close of their offices. Luckily one of my neighbours had the right contacts to locate the right LPG Distributor network that served our area of Muscat. Distributors gave the choice of 11 Kg, 22 Kg and 44 Kg LPG Cylinders. Middle class homes like that of mine with little water heating and cooking required the middle size of 22 Kg only. Care had to be taken for choosing a reliable Distributor who delivered safe LPG Cylinders on time in Muscat. And the one I chose had all the right boxes ticked.

Now that my kitchen is set, I feel a sense of calmness; it’s weird as there are thousands more things to do but may be a gas-stove instead of a hot plate made my day.