It’s almost impossible to prevent dust particles from entering the ductwork of an air-conditioning system, no matter how cautiously you are using the machine. This is because an AC unit controls the indoor temperature with the help of the outside air, and we all know how contaminated the outdoor air is. So, it becomes crucial to clean the AC ductwork at regular intervals with professional Air duct cleaning Weston sessions. Now the question is, at what intervals should we hire the experts of Air duct cleaning Weston.

Usually, a complete duct cleaning session once every two years is somewhat more than enough. However, it also depends on a couple of other factors, which means you might need to clean the ductwork of your air conditioner more often than the recommended period. Let’s explore those factors, which might force you to schedule Air duct cleaning Weston sessions more often.


Excessively Contamination Environment: If you live in a locality where the atmosphere is highly contaminated, then there’s no denying that you’ll need to clean the ductwork of your air conditioner at least once every year. Remember this is because your air conditioner uses the outside air to control the indoor temperature. Thus, the amount of dust entering the AC ductwork will be very high in that case.


Storms and Strong Winds: A normal storm is enough to increase the number of dust particles in the AC ductwork. So, if it is normal in your area, then certainly you’ll need to clean the air ducts more often. This is simply to maintain the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner for a longer period.

Construction Site: If any sort of (building) construction work is going on around your home, then it will increase the number of dust particles in the surrounding atmosphere, which means you may need to hire duct cleaning services much earlier than the recommended intervals.

Let’s have a look at some basic signs indicating that your AC ductwork is probably clogged with dust:

  • Your air conditioner will take a longer time to reach the desired temperature.
  • Power bills are likely to increase in that case.
  • The presence of dust particles in the air-conditioned rooms can easily be experienced.

If you are facing any of these problems, then it may be an indication that it’s time for duct cleaning.