International students must be aware of the intake terminology in the island nation. Intakes are semesters, and it is also vital for young applicants to choose the right one.

The first semester for those who want to study in Australia starts in February and lasts till early June, whereas the second intake is from July to November.
The question, however, often put across by many international students is–which Australia study intake 2021 more suitable-February or July. Before applying for an Australian student visa 500, it is also necessary you should make the right decision.

Before opting for Feb/July semesters, some factors include previous academic records, scores you obtained in the English proficiency test, the study program you opted for, pursuing a career with the chosen course, whether or not the program is recognized worldwide, etc.


Which Australian intake most preferred? Here are 7 points-


1. Opt for the right intake wisely

Interestingly, the February international student intake in Australia has a maximum number of courses that are offered by several universities and colleges across the country. It is more feasible to prefer even though you can choose July one. Plus, there is ample time for every Australian international student who can get a broad understanding of the details of the chosen program.


Some of the top 5 best universities in Australia for international students are-

  • ANU (Australian National University)

  • University of Sydney

  • University of Melbourne

  • University of New South Wales

  • University of Queensland

Each of these institutions is ranked amongst the top 100 global universities with their degrees and certificates acclaimed worldwide.


2. Prepare in advance

More than the July intake, the February one is more convenient. In other words, it is a primary intake. Once you get student visa approval, you can prepare a list of universities and colleges. Choose the preferred institute before applying. Like you, there are thousands of students enrolling in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses offered by several universities and colleges across Australia.

Interestingly, these Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) have been approved by the country’s Federal Government. Much depends if the course is of your liking and as per the timeline and schedule.


3. Crack English proficiency exam on time

Appear for IELTS or PTE test recommended by different Australian institutions. Before commencement of the course and visa application, you have to take the English language proficiency test. It is necessary to appear for the relevant test before the start of the program.


4. Submit your application before the commencement of Feb intake

Start the process early if you plan to join the February semester of the study program. Make it a point to fill in the correct details in your Australia student visa intake 2021 application before enrolling in February intake. Bring it to the notice of the migration agents if you face any doubts. They will help you and suggest the steps you need to follow. The more you rectify them earlier, the better they are of help to fill in necessary details. You have in hand 6 months to create an SOP (Statement of Purpose) or if the need arises, obtain reference letters from your supervisors. These things require time. Ensure you start the entire process before the commencement of the program.


5. Prepare yourself for interviews

Once you submit the program application for February intake, you can receive an email reply from the university or college. Inquire from the authorities via email. They will provide suitable answers. Thus, do not wait till the intake deadline approaches. Get replies from the authority on how you fared in the interview rounds conducted by the university or college authority.


6. Arrange funds for the right course

It takes a lot of time to process the application for a student visa subclass 500. The entire process can be hassle-free and smooth if you arrange for the funds before course commencement. Once the institution grants permission that you can join the semester, you can ask for a study loan. At the same time, you should attach the necessary documents with your student visa application. It will help you to get a study loan sanctioned immediately.


7. Fly to the island nation

On completion of different university and student visa formalities, you can leave for Australia. Do not leave empty-handed. Bring with you the necessary photocopies and documents. If you are present in the country one month before, it serves your purpose. In the meantime, you can make yourself comfortable and check if you found decent accommodation of your liking.



The rule of thumb is to follow each of these 7 points and choose the right intake before pursuing studies in an acclaimed university in Australia. Contact Aussizz Group for any assistance. Happy to help!