Average Time Spend by UAE Students to Do Homework
Average Time Spend by UAE Students to Do Homework

Homework Writing is an important aspect of any education system. Many teachers and educational scholars believe homework improves their education performance, many critics and students disagree. They believe in no correlation between homework and enhancing test scores.

Which Countries Spend The Most of Time Doing Homework:

OECD Study-

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is a governmental organization. The headquarters of OECD in Paris, purpose of this stimulate global trade and economic progress. In 2009, the OECD conducted a deep study to establish the number of hours allocated for doing homework by worldwide students.  This research organized in between 38 countries in which Shanghai, China, students had the highest number of hours to do their homework with 13.8 hours per week. Students of Russia had an average of 9.7 hours of homework per week, Students of Finland spent 2.8 hours per week, which is followed by South Korea with 2.9 hours. 

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Decline in Number of Hours-

Again studies conducted by OECD in 2012, show a decrease in the average number hours per week availed by students. Slovakia displayed Russia Decreased  3 hours per week. Few countries including the United States showed no change. 

Countries Who Spend Most of Time Doing Homework-

Rank  Countries Average Homework Time per Week
1 China 13.8
2 Russia 9.7
3 Singapore 9.4
4 Kazakhstan 8.8
5 Italy 8.7
6 Ireland 7.3
7 Romania 7.3
8 Estonia 6.9
9 Lithuania 6.7
10 Poland 6.6
11 Spain 6.5
12 Hungary 6.2
13 UAE 6.2
14 Latvia 6.2
15 US 6.1
15 Australia 6
16 Hong Kong 6
17 Croatia 5.9
18 Macao 5.9
19 Netherlands 5.8


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