If you are a Basketball player then it is very important that you must be a good basketball dunker. Dunking is a very fine skill that every basketball player must learn. Dunking is more important for players having a height of not more than 6 feet.  In this article, I will share the tips and tricks which I followed when I am in school and having a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. These techniques help me a lot in dunking. Dunking will also help in your overall fitness and performance.

Let get into it one by one

  1. Strength Training
  2. Drills that Increase Your Vertical
  3. Practice Makes Man perfect
  4. Tips and Caution

Strength Training

As it is a general understanding that more power will definitely help you in your game performance. So muscular strength is very important in Basketball and in dunking particularly. Dunking is not just your jumping ability but also your leg muscle power, your quickness as well.

Every person has his own lean muscle mass. The greater the value the stronger are you.  If you have lean muscle mass is on the lower side then you must workhard in the gym and the court as well.

There is a great book on this topic Fitness for Athletes by legendary strength coach Dr. Terry Todd. This book help me a lot. In this book the author describe about his seven week program which he applied to increase his jumping technique and at the end he is successfull to increase his and his team mate jump up to 5 inch in seven week.

In the strength training, it is very important to stuck with the basic training techniques. You should start with squats, barbell rows, military presses and  bench presses. These exercises will help you a lot in gaining strength and the muscle mass. Discuss with your coach about these exercise.

Drills that Increase Your Vertical

Although strength exercise or the training is the number one way to increase your vertical but a perfectly designed drill also help you a lot.

Skippig rope is very good exercise and help  you in this regard. It help you to maintain and increase your staimna and your quick feet movement and balance as well. Its also help your feet natural bouncy effect and vertical leap.

After the good practice of above you cam also try one legged jump, double skipped jumps. skipping rope is a basic type of Plyometric exercises. You can try other Plyometric exercises as well whcih are the advanced form.

Before any exercise you must consult your coach so that he can monitor and guide you.

Practice Makes Man perfect

it is the famous saying that the practice make the man perfect. So you must keep the practice regularly and enhance its capacity slowly and gradually depend upon your body response.

Tips and Caution

Below are the tips you must apply to enhance your basketball dunking ability.

  • Carefull where you jump and land
  • Take care of your Knee and ankle
  • Practice with Goal

One last bounce point is that some basketball shoes are there which has the extra bounce in the heel and toe area which is also very important along with all above points.