Students at schools that implement the International Baccalaureate programme are given a unique education. If you’re checking out options for your kids, this is a sound programme for them. It’s quite similar to the AP programme, though, in the sense that the International Baccalaureate makes it possible for high school students to take on advanced and intellectually rigorous classes. Here are some of the benefits that your kids can look forward to when they join the program. 

International Recognition 

One of the best benefits of enrolling your kids in a school that is under the IB programme is that the program is recognized worldwide. If your kids complete the programme and all of its requirements, they will earn the IB diploma, which is a major plus on their application when your kids start trying out for college. The IDDP is an academic program that runs for two years and is open to students from 16 to 19 years of age.

Challenging Academics 

Students of the IBDP are also required to take courses and pass tests in six subject areas. Three or four of these subjects must be at the Higher level while students can take tests tagged as Standard for the rest. As if the coursework isn’t challenging enough, the programme also has three major requirements. Students must write an essay that is a product of their individual research. Second, the students must take the Theory of Knowledge course. It touches on epistemology as well as critical thinking, two areas that will serve any graduating student well. 

The IB Diploma 

Students with the IB diploma stand out from other graduates, mainly due to the programme’s reputation. Universities recognize that the IB diploma means they have taken more than a few IB courses and have instead undertaken the kind of education that puts particular emphasis on analysis and critical thinking. These are skills that the kids can use not just in school or at the university but also when they apply for work. In that sense, many universities look at an IB diploma as a wonderful asset, which helps set the students apart from the rest of the applicants. 

Rigorous Curriculum 

The high quality of the coursework that the programme offers is mainly due to the strength of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. The extensive training that it offers students is one of the many ways through which the programme maintains its high standards. If your kids go around with an IB diploma, colleges will always consider their application in a positive light, as it is a clear mark of their academic strengths. 

Strong School Performance 

The IB education also means that the student has demonstrated excellent performance at school. Many colleges are competitive and want that quality in the students they accept. They consider the GPA along with the transcript and class rank. With an IB programme, though, colleges know that the student has gone beyond the high school curriculum and can be counted on to demonstrate a consistently strong academic performance. 

Standing Out 

The IB programme is rare as self-study isn’t allowed. Also, the training as well as effort to get certified as an IB school mean that there aren’t many students out there who can say that they’re from an IB school. If you’re confident that your kids will succeed and thrive with the rest of the kids in class, then they will join what is a very small pool of applicants with this credential. It’s a prestigious qualification. In addition, because the IB diploma requires students to come up with a research paper, that gives students another opportunity to shine and show the colleges they want the work they are capable of doing. That goes a long way into ensuring a favourable response from the colleges. 

Self Confidence

The kids who graduate with an IB diploma are skilled at communicating their vision and opinions. Many have unshakeable belief in themselves and in their capacity to tackle any academic challenge. That self-confidence comes knowing the amount of work they have done over the course of earning the IB diploma. The rigorous training has prepared them for the kind of coursework they can expect from colleges with an excellent academic reputation. 

Special Opportunities 

The programme opens doors for its students internationally. It can especially open doors to universities outside of the country, making your kids eligible for more than English-taught programmes. The international recognition for the diploma means your kids can have their pick of courses, too. That’s because the IB curriculum also includes language learning courses. By being fluent in another language—like French or Japanese, for instance—your kids have more freedom in choosing where to go for higher education, where to work, or build a life, where to grow a family, grow old, and more. 

Consider the other benefits of the IB diploma for your kids. Ask about the programme today.