Thailand is a growing hub for some of the major multinational companies in the world. Almost every other MNC is trying to have its base in Thailand due to its many benefits and advantageous factors. But when it comes to starting a new branch in a different country, it becomes imperative for any MNC to look for the employer of Record. That is where we come in.

We are one of the finest Employers of Record that you can find in all of Thailand. We have been in this business for several years and have gained a lot of knowledge and recognition over time. With experience, we have improved our services immensely. Let us now look into some of the benefits that we provide to our clients for the services they take from us.

No need for local branches 

If an organization chooses a DIY approach, the initial step is setting up a nearby entity for processes like hiring. This obviously can be tedious and costly; requiring gifted lawful and accounting assistance to avoid any complications.

With our help as an Employer of Recordsthey get the opportunity and ease to legitimize the time and cost of setting up an unfamiliar auxiliary field. We have our own setup expert in dealing with all departments of payment, employment, and issues regarding immigration in the host country. Our EOR is an intermediate stop between the organization and employees.

Having an operational local payroll system

Most nations will require an organization with workers on payroll to run payment procedures as per the national principles with an enlisted substance. A vital part of running a host country’s finance is the computation and denying legal allowances of pay, including annuities, medical coverage, and duties. Our EOR deals with these basic subtleties to guarantee the payment is precise and agreeable for every employee. Our EOR is the ideal business arrangement, giving the necessary substance to run payment with the ability to follow the country’s tax and employee payment rules.


Employer on Record is a key field that any MNC looks for when they start to have a branch in abroad country. Our EOR will help such MNCs deal with the employment issues and the issues regarding payment of these employees. We provide a lot of benefits like not needing to have a local branch and working in accordance with the local payment and tax rules.