Events, big or small, mark the life of your company or organization. Meetings, conferences, business lunches, seminars, training, inaugurations, presentations, birthdays, Christmas … These are special occasions not to be forgotten. Do you want to offer the best to your guests? Hire AMFCP, a moveable feast catering service for your best parties.

Catering is a term that refers to the professional service specialized in providing food and beverages to a group of people in a given location. However, catering is not just about food consumption. The effect created on the assistants is your main objective. This means that the culinary and organizational care of the corporate event is the most important thing. The idea is to create special memories for guests long after the event in question.

The caterers must meet guidelines set by the customer and guide you to make the event a success. Although you have been in charge of organizing and carrying out an event, you know the work behind it. Like a puzzle, the different elements are intertwined to give a complete final image. Attention to detail is essential. Being able to visualize the progress of the event also belongs to this planning job and preparing for any unforeseen circumstances.

The caterer’s event will depend on many factors such as the number of guests, business goals, or budget. Now, a good catering service is characterized by:

  1. Adequate planning and organization

The catering companies are responsible for the coordination of the business event. They have to define the needs in personnel, logistics, and supplies (location, decoration, complementary suppliers …). The catering service guarantees the efficient, accurate, and reliable execution of the event through meticulous planning.

  1. A careful choice of products

Unlike a restaurant, the caterer must buy everything he needs. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the exact amounts of each item. An actual science, with quantities calculated according to experience. The factors that influence these calculations are the composition of the guests (age, gender, geographical origin,…), the duration of the event, the weather, the staging, and many other parameters.

  1. Be creative and innovative.

With an original concept, the catering creates unique experiences to make the corporate event memorable.

For us, your safety is paramount, and that is why all our staff are trained in production methods and food safety. We use the most interest in everything we prepare – from providing food to helping customers. No matter what kind or size of case you have in your abilities, you can constantly rely on our extremely expert catering services for you.