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  1. Create a schedule- You can set guidelines for completing each section or chapter. You can also look that how many pages can be written every day within the deadline. After setting the guideline you can set the routine for writing the essay. You can select the comfortable working hours. You can select evening and morning hours at your convenience. If you are struggling to do the assignment then you can take the support of assignment help.
  2. Start writing- Now, you have set the guideline and now you can start typing. You can work on the argument in the assignment.
  3. The first draft is not the final one- Your first draft is not the final draft. It is quite important to revise and rewrite the assignment.
  4. Flexible- You can miss your deadline to submit the assignment on time. If you are busy and engage in something then you can select the schedule at your convenience.
  5. Write an introduction in the last- It is quite possible that you can get stuck in writing the assignment. So, you must write the assignment in the last.
  6. Move- You can outline the argument. Skip the difficult part of the assignment and move on. You can invest your time in writing the easy part of the assignment.
  7. Get feedback- You can share work with friends and family members. They can provide you feedback. And they will make you aware of errors and mistakes in the assignment. They will ask you to work on different sections of the assignment. Also, doing revisions and getting feedback from your friends and family members will help to avoid rewriting of the whole assignment.
  8. Take care- you must take care of your health while writing the assignment. You must eat and sleep on time. Stay active by doing exercises. You can go for a simple walk in the park and increase your heart rate and clear your mind.
  9. Take small breaks- You can take small breaks while writing the assignment. You can take the support of assignment help. Take small breaks in between.
  10. Use reference manager- In order to cite the resources in the required style like APA and Harvard, then you can use reference manager. You just have to enter details and you will get the original citation.

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