Economics tuition is so high in demand these days that it wouldn’t be a surprise to find an online directory, with the same name, offering a list of all the best online economics tutors situated in Singapore. This directory is majorly focused on providing students best economics tutors for their A-levels examinations and other international academic certifications.

Importance of Private Tuition in Singapore

The academic competition amongst the students is very intense in Singapore. A large number of students regularly reach out to various tuition agencies with highly qualified teachers and a remarkable reputation, which provide private tuition for a wide range of subjects.

The main focus and goal of students are to perform well and to be the best in class. Today, in this blog, we will discuss some of the features of tuition agencies in Singapore.

Price Range for Singaporean Tuition Centres

The price range of tuition for Singapore Cambridge A-levels and other academic certifications vary based on the experience and expertise of the tutor. They also depend on the reputation and prestige of the institutions offering private tutoring services.

Admission fee & Academic Notes

The fee is taken at the end of each month or after the completion of every five lessons per subject. An additional amount of fees is charged for the admission and registration process. The fee for printed academic notes, however, is charged separately.

Fee range for Economics Tutoring Services

The average fee for getting economics tuition from an experienced tutor in Singapore is around $400. However, this can be increased to $700 depending on the difficulty of the course and the number of lessons being offered. They may also differ according to whether A Level or IB economics tuition in Singapore is provided. The level of demand for the tuition of a particular subject also plays a key role in determining the tuition fee for that subject.

Class Structure of Private Tuition Centre’s

Courses are generally offered in the form of group tuitions. Each group consists of fifteen to twenty students. On special accommodation, smaller groups are also made. However, that comes with a premium fee package which is slightly higher than the regular fee structure offered by the tuition center.

Tuition agencies in Singapore:

The number of tuition centers in Singapore has been increasing drastically in recent years. But that is understandable. With people’s main priorities set on getting their children quality education, there’s a never-ending demand for reliable tuition centers in the country.

And so, more and more tuition agencies and centers are being set up. These agencies and tuition centres, however, hire experienced staff that has decades’ worth of teaching experience. Their fee is also high because they are exceptionally experienced and guarantee success with an “A” grade.


When all is said and done, the tuition industry in Singapore is fiercely competitive. This makes it all the more important for each tuition center or agency to be exceptionally great at what it does.

This is also one of the main reasons behind the exceptionally high literacy rate in Singapore. The highly competitive tuition centers, in turn, motivate the students to perform exceptionally well in their studies. As a result, their academic performance improves to a significant level.