Well, everyone has played games in their childhood. But there is huge difference between today’s games and old games. As you all know that there were no mobile phones at that time so people used to play games with their toys. But today it’s day of technology. And we will see best most played android games.

What are android games?

Like we all are aware of android OS. So, the games which are played on the android cell phones are android games. These games are further classified into following categories;

  • Action.
  • Adventure.
  • Arcade.
  • Battle Royale.
  • Casual.
  • Card.
  • Role-Playing

These are some categories of android games. Most people like action games and that’s why action games are played most in this time.

Best android games:

Billions of people use android cell phones and that’s why they use Play store. That’s the reason of soo much fan following and traffic of Play store. Like I said many action games like PUBG mod apk, free fire etc. are on the top list but here are some games which are on top list.


These are some most played android games. You can download these from Play store or Apkranch. These games will be free of cost. Just visit, download, play and enjoy.