Improved their quality of life but here’s what i love about our coffee when you refer five people to get coffee you actually get your coffee for free so it’s free with five how cool is that so if you want to get free coffee all you have to do is refer others to to get the coffee once you taste it and i’m telling you all the coffee lovers i know that have tried this have been shocked and amazed at how amazing our coffee and even our tea is it’s an amazing coffee hemp cream and tea line and again a plant-based way to really help improve your health and your well-being so as i wrap up this evening i think it goes without saying that we know that this industry is exploding the own stone magazine says that it’ll be a 22 billion dollar industry in the next couple years uh you know it’s been delayed a little bit because of the pandemic it’s going to surpass the nba it’s been on for 70 plus years it’s like getting a phone call from jeff bezos the founder of amazon.

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

And having him ask you to be a part of his company that’s where cbd is right now so obviously as you heard all this great information about how you can benefit with your health well maybe you’re thinking about ways for you to add some extra income and there’s a great way for you to do that with our company as well  it has given me that chance to change lives by offering opportunity to others  the journey is a financial freedom crusade i think that people don’t realize when they take a look at a business like this they see you know a product or they see a compensation plan but what they don’t see is the people that are involved and the relationships that you build over time and the fun that we’ve had the trips that we’ve taken.

Well i’m so grateful for you joining me to meet this evening and you know what you could have been anywhere else but the fact that you someone invited you to check a look at this information and learn more about cbd well thank you thank you for caring enough about your health and your well-being to take the time to learn and hear what i had to share so i hope that you learned something new and what i want to do is encourage you to get back to the person that invites you look at this video so you can learn more and get some questions answered and maybe benefit from what our products can do to improve your health hemp pain relief cream and your well-being see what we have is this amazing 90-day transformation program and this is the way it works we we want to lock arms with you to help you to create the change you’re looking for in your health a natural plant-based way for you to live healthier so we want to ask you to join us on a 90-day journey