PPC or pay-per-click is a powerful marketing technique that exposes your brand to a diverse audience. But, it takes a lot of effort to make your PPC ads stand out and achieve the desired goals. As a PPC marketer, you might have been asked by your clients, ‘How much budget should I spend on PPC or ‘How much revenue would I make?’

If you are starting a new PPC account or a new PPC campaign, competitor research analysis may be on the top of your mind. Once things start working well, it’s easy to forget about performing an audit of your PPC strategies. Are you targeting the right keywords? Is your competition using the keywords you have missed?

But how can do you conduct such an analysis that would help you determine market opportunity in the future? Below is a list of some of the best PPC tools you can use.

Google Tools For Competitor Research

Google provides you with the easiest way to find out your competition. If you are using the Google Ads platform, review the Auction insights to see who is competing with you. This helps you know if the keywords you have used have commercial intent.

The Overlap rate is the measure of how often you and your competitors appear for the same search results. And, the outranking data gives you information about how often you outperform your competition when you both appear for the same auction.

This way, you get an idea of how you can improve your performance by tweaking your bidding strategies. You can use Google Analytics for in-depth analysis of your Ad campaign for free and Google Keyword Planner to target high-value keywords.


PPCexpo tools will help your ad reach the right audience at the right time. It can help you with PPC campaign optimization.  You just need to select the right keyword and enter the right bid. Then, you need to worry about producing the right message and targeting the right audience, places, times, and devices. The process ends with the customer on the right landing page and headed down the right path towards a profitable conversion.


SEMRush is a great PPC tool that helps you find your competitors based on the keywords you want to target. Using the free version if this tool, you can get information about the top competitors of your competition and find if you are on the list.

In addition, it lets you know the average position of their top-performing Ads, budget, and traffic. When you switch to the paid version of the tool, you can see more valuable data. This software is quite easy to use and compare.


ispionage is a free-to-use tool that provides you with a lot of information, like insights into your competitors’ Ad copy, Ad budget, keywords, and more! If you upgrade the tool to the paid version, you gain more insights into the data.

Also, within the interface of this software, you can have a glance at the top keywords, top Ads, top landing pages, along with a list of competitors. Thus, this tool helps you keep a spy on what your competitors are doing and identify the keyword gaps in your Google Ads.


Ahrefs is one of the best PPC tools out there and the most trusted tool among marketers for content research. It is a free-to-use keywords and backlinks research tool for your SEO tasks. With Ahrefs, you can also keep track of your competitors’ Ads, determine which keywords they are using, and see the source of their traffic. Thus, you can use it for managing both SEO and PPC tasks.


Optymyzr is another great PPC marketing tool used by businesses with a large budget. It is a paid tool that allows the user to optimize the PPC Ad campaigns. For example, you can add or subtract keywords, change your bidding strategies, adjust your Ad placement, etc.

The other uses of this tool are you can automate the Google Ads reporting, Google Analytics, audit your Ad accounts, automate your workflow, etc.

Marin Software

This amazing PPC tool provides marketers with features for managing bids on popular advertising platforms, like Google, Bing, etc. You can set your bids and post your Ad campaigns on websites or search engines. With the keyword evaluation feature of this tool, you can improve your Google Ads’ performance.


SpyFu is another useful PPC tool on the list. With this tool, you can export data, carry out unlimited searches, or run projects. Using this tool, you can get insights into the digital marketing secrets your competitors are using. You can conduct competitor analysis, check the rank of your PPC Ads, or keep track of the competitors’ Ads. Thus, you can use SpyFu as a PPC audit tool, as well as a keyword research tool.


Kenshoo brings a number of budget management and eCommerce advertising tools. There is a bid management feature to enable the users to adjust their bids. Plus, you can integrate your Google Ads or Bing Ads data directly using this tool.

Another significant feature of Kenshoo is that it uses machine learning algorithms to give bid suggestions. So, you can plan your bidding strategy more effectively. While it is an enterprise-level tool, startups, mid-level companies, or PPC agencies can also use it.

These are some of the top PPC tools that can help you conduct market opportunity analysis based on what your competitors are doing, your bidding strategy, the type of keywords you use, etc. Get clear on your PPC goals and choose a tool that fits your needs.