Get a more feminine look with Rhinoplasty Surgery in India performed at Designer Bodyz, Best Facial Feminization Surgery Clinic in Mumbai.
Rhinoplasty in India is performed by Dr. Parag Telang at Designer Bodyz. It involves a set of surgical procedures whose objective is to achieve a subtle feminine face by adjusting masculine facial features. The nose is one of the eye-catching facial features in both females and males. Males possess a nose that is larger and more angular with a straight and wide nasal bridge. In contrast, females have a narrow nose that is proportional to their face, a feminine swoop on the bridge, and a pointed nasal tip with a projection starting from front to the back. These are the distinguishing and obvious characteristics of the nose of the two genders.

In women, the appearance of a masculine nose can have an impact on their self-image and confidence. For them their look matters a lot, hence they wish to get a picture-perfect nose with a more feminine appearance. Not only women, males who want to undergo a transition into a female also try to fix their noses so that they no longer look masculine.

A nose job, medically termed as rhinoplasty is the permanent approach to soften, reshape, and refine the nose for an enhanced, well-contoured nose profile. It may involve reducing the nose size, narrowing of its width, alterations of inner nose portions, or moving/reshaping of nose cartilage. This surgery can accomplish the correction of many concerns such as angular nose, crooked nose, non-proportionate nose with respect to the rest of the facial features, and nasal asymmetry that not only affects facial aesthetics but also results in breathing issues. It can help the transwomen achieve a feminine nose that they always wanted to have and also enhance the candidate’s image that eventually boost their self-confidence. As every person has a different nose structure, the rhinoplasty procedure requires to be customized. One can visit Designer Bodyz, plastic surgery clinic in India, to get this surgery benefits and achieve the desired nose shape.

What to expect in rhinoplasty surgery?

Initial consultation: During this appointment, Dr. Parag Telang, FFS surgeon in India at Designer Bodyz evaluates nose and facial features, reviews the complete medical history as well as the current health status of the patient, and discusses any allergies they have or medications they are taking. It is important to discuss with the surgeon the expectations and results from rhinoplasty surgery.

Procedure of rhinoplasty surgery:

A nose job is a simple procedure where the surgeon makes small incisions inside or outside the nose to access the bones and cartilages. Depending on how the candidate wants his or her nose to look, the tissues and cartilages are either added or removed. For people with severe nose deformity, a new nose can be rebuilt by using cartilage grafts that are molded into the nose shape and secured by sutures.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed in two ways:

Closed rhinoplasty- Doctors usually prefer this type of surgery as it allows reshaping of the nose without a visible scar across the columella. It involves making incisions inside the nose to reshape the dorsal hump and tip of the nose. Unlike open rhinoplasty, the results are more predictable and consistent since the nasal skin is not lifted and the healing is much easier.

Open rhinoplasty- In this surgery, a cut is made across the columella and the skin of the nose is lifted. The time taken for the visible scar to heal is not predictable. In many candidates, especially candidates with thicker skin, the columella scar results in a visible notch and thickening of the skin in front of the scar. Revision surgery after open rhinoplasty tends to be more difficult than after closed rhinoplasty.

This procedure can be completed within 1-2.5 hours, however, revision rhinoplasty may last longer. After the incisions are closed with sutures, dressings may be placed inside the nose to prevent bleeding and a squint may be applied outside the nose.

Rhinoplasty Facial Feminization Surgery Results:

Immediately after the surgery, the nose appearance will change. There might be some swelling and bruising that can resolve within 10 days. The final desired outcome can be noticed after a few weeks or months.

Post-operative instructions:

• Talk to the surgeon for removal of nasal dressings and arrange a follow-up to check for the progress of recovery.
• Keep upper back elevated at 30-40 degrees (i.e. head must be kept raised).
• To reduce swelling, apply a cold compress during the first 24 hours and tape the nose only at night.
• Clean the bottom of the nose gently using cotton balls soaked in warm water. Apply vaseline on the rims of the nostrils once a day.
• Take proper rest at home for a speedy recovery. Avoid going to work, exercises, exposure to hot and cold temperatures, and bending down for at least 2 weeks or on doctor’s advice.
• Avoid alcohol consumption and blood thinners intake for 2 weeks after surgery.
• Avoid blowing the nose at least for two weeks.
• Swimming with submerging head in the water can be started 2 months after surgery.
• Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Wear a cap or hat to prevent sunlight from falling on the nose.
• The patient can resume wearing make-ups or facial creams but pore strips may be resumed after three months.

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