BharatBenz is a leading manufacturing company providing various varieties of trucks for fulfilling the commercial and industrial purpose of its consumers. BharatBenz is committed to providing advanced mobility solutions using advanced technology in its product with the blue to offer maximum value to its customer. 

Each BharatBenz truck is designed and committed to provide optimum efficiency at an affordable price. They are using profit plus technology to build their vehicle and focusing on five main factors that are fuel efficiency, lowest maintenance cost, more excellent reliability, extreme comfort and safety. BharatBenz truck price  starts from Rs16.34 lakh and goes up to Rs 41.0 Lakh. 

They are manufacturing various categories of heavy-duty truck such are as follows-

BharatBenz 1923 C

Bharat Benz 1923 C tipper contains a BS6 compliant Engine with SCR technology becoming more suitable for mining purpose. It has a displacement of 7200 ccs and a 6 cylinder engine. It has a single dry plate clutch and a hydraulic control to control the speed. 

BharatBenz 2823 C

Bharat Bank has been one of the most excellent manufacturers in the mining segment. The new model of the BharatBenz truck comes with a BS6 OM 926 engine and a displacement of 7200 ccs. This model is built to fulfil the needs of the Mining industry with its advanced features. 

BharatBenz 2828 C

This new tipper is built with Global Technology and provides a quality plus power engine to its uses. The design and configuration are merely similar to the 2828C bigger of BharatBenz. It has a parabolic leaf suspension. 

The all-new heavy-duty BharatBenz trucks are setting benchmarks to fulfil the needs of the Mining industry. Get the latest information about various models of BharatBenz truck with us and its on-road price information.