The BMW GT1 is offered exclusively at BMW workshops and service centers with the same specification that is currently supplied to BMW franchised dealers. It is a special-purpose diagnostic and programming BMW tools series.

Sometimes customers may ask: What is the difference between BMW GT1 and BMW OPS? If you are a technical person for autos, then you should be well aware of this, the BMW GT1 is good for BMW cars before 2005, and the BMW Ops is good for BMW cars from 2005 to current cars, Can diagnose both. And program. If you are looking for BMW Equipments specifically for BMW cars, then any of these devices is a good option for you, they are well known in the worldwide market, and one worldwide With good reputation. Also, another diagnostic tool good for BMW cars after 2005 is the BMW OPPS. Of course, some other types of diagnostic equipment can work on BMW cars, such as the Launch X431 Master, Autoboss V30 scanner, and GM Tech 2, these diagnostic tools are also very good in the market. Anyway, you should compare them before deciding to buy one.


All of the diagnostic BMW Products mentioned above are very well known and with high performance, with many of them being car maintenance workshops, as they are money makers for the technical person. A good helper for car troubles.