If you don’t want to commit to a permanent hairstyle, using body wave hair bundles is a great way for you to change hairstyles with less trouble and harm to your natural hair. Body wave hair is one of the most popular hair textures in hair bundles and wigs due to its easy maintenance and multiple styles and a perfect way to add volume to your hair. So overall body wave bundles are temporary but versatile.

Body wave bundles can help you go heat-free and show your hair as you want. If you still intend to style your hair with heat tools, there are human hair body wave bundles for you. Human hair can be dyed and styled with heat just like your natural hair.

What Are Body Wave Bundles?

Body wave bundles are hair bundles that have the shape of an ‘S’. Unlike deep wave bundles shaped by this ‘S’ pattern throughout. The body wave hair has a more flatter wave at the roots.

There are synthetic hair and human hair, human hair is more suitable for long-time styles and wearing, but is usually more expensive. Synthetic hair is cheaper but not available for dyed and styled with heat.

The body wave bundles can be changed to many other types of hair texture, such as loose wave hair, loose deep wave hair, and deep wave hair. So you can be creative when it comes to style human hair.

And there are many colors for body wave bundles, such as 613 hair, ombre hair, and highlight colors, money piece highlights, and of course, natural black.

How Long The Body Wave Hair Will Lose The Style?

Body wave bundles are natural to the sight and the touch. It works best when sewn into a wig with bundles. Your body wave hair bundles and wigs will look natural. So the body wave bundles are perfect for someone who likes a natural look.

Types Of Body Wave Bundles

According to the materials of body wave bundles, the hair can be categorized into four types, Indian hair, Peruvian body wave hair, Malaysian body wave hair, and Brazilian body wave hair. And one of the most popular hair is Brazilian body wave hair due to its high quality.

Final thoughts

Body wave hair is perfect for you to style for many occasions, such as parties, job interviews, and daily styles, etc. Though body wave hair is perfect for refreshing looks, you need to take good care of the hair just like your natural hair to keep the wave and colors.