Bourns announced the expansion of the lightest, smallest, space-saving FLAT® gas discharge tube (GDT) product

Bourns, a world-renowned leading manufacturer of electronic components, recently announced the expansion of the industry’s lightest, smallest, space-saving FLAT® gas discharge tube (GDT) product. Model 2018 FLAT® GDT belongs to the 3-electrode series. The flat and thin body is suitable for high-density and height-restricted printed circuit board manufacturing processes. Compared with standard 8 mm Bourns® GDTs, this series is lighter in weight and its height is significantly reduced to more than 50%. The new series of products are designed as surface mount components, with a large flat top surface, which is very suitable for vacuum picking and unloading of today’s high-speed component pick-and-place machines.

Bourns® model 2018 FLAT® GDT is a component of ITU K. 12 Class III, rated 20 kA, 8/20 μs waveform, and DC breakdown voltage ranging from 90 V to 500 V. With an innovative flat design on the top, the height of Bourns® GDT is reduced from a typical 8 mm to a flat 3.5 mm.

“In addition to saving valuable circuit board space, the new 3-electrode FLAT® GDT can effectively reduce the number of components for space-constrained designs. A 2018 FLAT GDT can provide “line-to-ground” and “line-to-line” protection, no longer like It used to take two,” said Kurt Wattelet, Bourns product line manager. “For the 3-electrode GDT, the performance that was limited by the lateral voltage in the past is greatly improved by the use of a common center electrode design, which allows the two ends of the GDT to start quickly and symmetrically.”

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