BSc Cardiac Technology is a three-year medical specialization, the undergraduate course introduced for candidates aspiring to enter medical and health. After attaining the certification in cardiac technology, graduates can assist physicians and doctors in treating and diagnosing peripheral vascular and heart-related conditions. Additionally, they can also assist doctors in preparing patients for open-heart and bypass surgeries. Overall, the course opens a huge career scope for individuals.

Top BSc Cardiac Technology Professions:

Cardiovascular Technologist

It is a highly rewarding and well-paid healthcare specialization, so more and more aspirants are interested in it. The technologist handles various complex tasks and processes of cardiac laboratories and performs defibrillators, stent implants, cardiac pacemakers, and other tests related to heart disease diagnosis. The BSc cardiac technology course prepares them for emergency calls like heart attacks. 

The experts use different procedures for diagnosing and treating vascular problems and heart diseases. However, the task of new entrants in the field is limited to performing electrocardiograms. With their training and experience, experts can also handle various diagnostic tasks using life support techniques.

Besides, cardiovascular technologists also offer services as cardiovascular assistants to physicians. After completing the course, they also become eligible for assisting in treatment and diagnosis of blood and heart vessel issues, review patients’ documents, monitor heart rates of patients, operate medical equipment, look after the patients, and assist in electrophysiology and balloon angioplasties tests.


Cardiologists are heart specialists. They conduct diagnoses and offer treatment for blood vessel and heart-related issues through medical testing, physical examination, and monitoring and reviewing the symptoms. The professionals may choose to work either at private practice centers or at government hospitals in various positions.

Medical Sonographer

The individuals who choose to be Medical Sonographers have a crucial role to play in magical diagnostics. BSc in cardiac technology course gives them the skills and knowledge needed for performing imaging procedures such as high-frequency sound waves that use radiation for creating an image that can be used in substitution of exploratory imaging or surgery. The duties of sonographers include explaining the sonography test details to patients, preparing patients for the test, performing the necessary procedures, etc.

Nephrologist Technician

These Technicians are trained for helping individuals suffering from renal disease and any other similar illness which can hamper the function of kidneys. Besides, they also look after the medical needs of patients, clean and sanitize the equipment and tools, operate specialized machines, and maintain medical equipment needed for the medical procedure.

Dialysis Technician

Patient Care Technicians or Dialysis Technicians are experts who ensure that strict protocols are followed for effective and safe patient outcomes. The professionals are responsible for adjusting and monitoring fluid removal rates as per the patients’ vital signs. Plus, they also work towards minimizing the infection possibility by ensuring proper equipment sterilization and handling. If you want to enter this field, you need to first enroll in a relevant course at Rishihood University. Visit the website for course details and then apply for admissions.

Concluding Word

The above-listed career options require proper skills and knowledge in that particular field. Hence, you need to sign up for BSc in cardiac technology to attain relevant experience and expertise in the niche. After completing the certification, you’ll have countless job options that come with great earning opportunities.