The old-fashioned manner of creating websites in WordPress required me to always go on-site to implement a client’s vision whenever something changed. Then there’s also the issue of going from design to coding, which would take a lifetime. The client was normally charged for this time and effort. As a result, this was and continues to be considered as the de facto way to create WordPress websites in many ways.

As a result of its popularity, WordPress powers around 39.5% of all websites on the internet today. It may be a pain to work with designers, developers, and clients alike if you don’t have the necessary tools.

At an agency three years ago, I suggested the notion of integrating Elementor on top of WordPress. For WordPress, Elementor is a page builder plugin that lets you drag and drop elements onto a page. Since they came aboard, I haven’t looked back. From a person who has spent the majority of his professional life programming. As a result, the fact that I had to swallow my ego as a developer to develop less says a lot.

So, when I founded SiteTent, I knew I wanted to construct small-business websites using the Elementor page builder as the foundation. Most small organizations, on the other hand, are looking for the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

following are some of the key reasons to use of elementor:

Come with no limitation

A drag-and-drop website builder does seem to limit the capabilities it can offer. It’s important to note that Elementor is extensible. There are times when the Elementor widgets and add-ons aren’t enough. Partnering with an agency (like SiteTent) allows us to design our widgets and features. It turns out that all those years spent as a coder were not in vain, because they still come in handy when clients have a vision that a page builder can’t accommodate.

Gives out a good impression

Elementor simplifies the process of making a website mobile-friendly. The only way I could pinpoint how different website elements would look on phones, tablets, and desktops was to write a tonne of code. As a result of the integration of Elementor into the drag-and-drop builder, we can now see how elements will appear and make quick edits.

Easy to make

Because of my preamble, we’re able to construct websites in much less time than we were in the past. Using a robust framework of components and modules to work with, we can not only achieve it, but our clients can also learn to do it themselves.

Client control over the website

In the end, let’s face it. Just a few days ago, you paid a website design agency a large one-time cost to construct your website. Every time you make a change, you don’t want to have to go back to them since it will either take more time or cost you more money.

Anyone in your office will be able to do the following with Elementor:

  • Refresh the content
  • Use a different banner or image.
  • You can also add new projects to your portfolio.
  • Create a blog and write stuff on the web.
  • Multiple copies of the same pages and segments

Outstanding widgets

There are several content widgets in Elementor that you can use. Would you like to add an image to your post? It’s as simple as dragging an image widget where you want it. Is there a new location for the office? A Google map widget can be added to your contact page to create a new map!

There is no need to search for third-party plug-ins to complete the job on your WordPress website, which saves time. Because of this, our clients can achieve the majority of their goals with Elementor. It’s easy to make changes to their website as their business expands.

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