What if astrology could tell you which place to live based on your birth charts? Isn’t astrology magical that way? It can give you meaningful insights into your life.

Based on people’s birth charts, location astrology assists them in determining the best places for them to live. Every individual’s natal or birth chart is intense and a bag full of deep knowledge. 

According to locational astrology, different places on earth have different celestial energies for each person based on when and where they were born. Locational astrologers use scientific and logical methods to investigate how the energies affect you.

They use astrocartography, an astrological method that combines your birth chart with a natal map. Your birth chart is a map of the sky on the day you were born that shows the positions of all the planets, constellations, and astral bodies.

The astrologer will use the place’s longitude and latitude to determine what the sky looked like at the time of your birth in those locations.


How Exactly Relocation Astrology Helps?

During a reading, an astrologer will first cast the client’s birth chart. Your birth chart is created using your birth date, location, and time (down to the minute, if possible). 

The particular longitudes and latitudes of your birth chart will show, among other things, your Sun sign, which you already know even if you don’t know anything about astrology: that you’re a Leo, a Gemini, a Pisces, or whatever. That’s the sign that has the biggest influence on your personality, but there’s also your ascendant sign, which is similar to what you’re flavoured with.

Let’s say you have a malefic planet, Saturn, right on your ascendent in your birth chart; that’s an unfavourable placement. Malefic planets (wicked, harmful) bring misfortune as per astrology.

Your birth chart does not change; if you have an unfavourable rising sign (1st house), it will not change. According to the best famous astrologers in Jaipur, relocation can compensate. You want to move somewhere where Saturn is not in the way, rather than right on the rising sign, where Saturn appears harsh, controlling, and difficult. Then their entire personal life will be revealed.

This is the key to understanding how travel astrology works. For example, suppose you were born in India and want to relocate to Japan. In that case, you could transpose your birth chart to Japan (thousands of miles away and in a different time zone) and study how the change in geography affects the various celestial bodies in your chart. You are not the same person in India as you are in Japan, just as you are not the same person from one job to the next or one relationship to the next.


You Can Target Specific Areas of Your Life that Require Attention.

The planets and signs in your horoscope do not change when you travel, but the “houses” in which they are located do. A birth chart consists of 12 “houses,” each representing a different aspect of your life, such as sex and dating, friendships and community, career and finances, health and daily routines, and so on.

You can carefully place specific heavenly bodies into certain dwellings when you migrate to better those aspects of your life. So, if you want to advance in a particular area of your life, such as your job, a specific house such as the 10th, the best famous astrologers in Jodhpur may help you figure out the favourable locales and time zones according to astrological mandates. You can try out different places to observe how they treat you, how people perceive you, and what aspects of your personality they tease out or shore up.

The best astrologers in Jaipur recommend paying special attention to your 4th house, which governs “home.” And if you’re looking for advice to help guide your search, Astroyogi got plenty of expert guides for you.


What Happens During a Reading?

The astrologer does a full reading of the planets in each of your 12 houses as well as of the planetary aspects (the angles formed between the planets). The progress chart then incrementally tracks your birth chart every couple of years to the present day, teases out patterns, and allows astrologers to do some predictive astrology.

Past trends are projected forward, allowing the astrologer to identify specific times in the future that may be critical for certain aspects of your life. They also consider transits, or what is happening in the sky above us right now. Such as Jupiter heading to this sign or house or Saturn just arriving at that one. Sometimes you’re just freaking out because of transit, and moving isn’t the solution.

All of this is calculated using complicated software. Astrologers can draw birth charts and transits, but many astrologers use several astrocartography programmes.



Some people spend their entire lives believing that no one sees them. Nobody does, in fact. You could be a pet rock which is never social, but you despise yourself for it and want to change. But when you go to a new place, you’re constantly talking and relating. Everyone notices you all of a sudden.

While any type of locational astrology can be useful when deciding where to relocate, there is one important thing to remember – bring yourself, your preferences and instincts with you wherever you go.

Now that you know astrologers can guide you to the best location for you to move based on your horoscope, why not use it to your advantage to lead a more successful and fulfilling life. Talk to astrologers best famous astrologers in Jodhpur, Jaipur or any other city across the world with Astroyogi.