Possibly yes. But it should be frozen quickly once collected. If the sample gets stored at room temperature, there are chances that it might lose the chemical components making it unfit for the drug test. This blog is determined to explain whether you can use an old urine sample to pass your urine drug test and whether it can show positive on your urine drug test kit.

Is it possible to submit the old urine sample?

Maybe. If the tester asks you to submit the sample to the lab beforehand, then it might be easy to provide your old urine sample. But if you are asked to give your sample in the lab, you might use the old sample, but it is risky. The tester will not allow your personal belongings into the sample collection area.

If it is a supervised drug test, using the old urine sample would be even more challenging. The supervisor will follow you up to the restroom until you enter the private cabin, where you have to collect your drug test. So, it is very risky to use old urine samples during the supervised urine drug test.

Is the old urine sample adequate to use during the drug test?

It depends on the preservation of the urine sample. Once you collect the urine, you need to freeze the sample immediately. You can use the urine sample by defrosting it. A normal urine sample can be frosted and used for a maximum of 3 to 4 months for the drug test. The 5-panel urine drug tests may or may not show positive for an old urine sample as it depends on the presence of chemical components and the drug traces in your urine.

After four months, you cannot use the same sample as the chemical components might ward off, making it unfit for testing.

If you leave the urine sample at room temperature, it might oxidize within 24 hours, making the chemical components ward off. This makes the sample unfit for testing. Avoid air in the container and freeze it immediately.

Instead of preserving the sample in a container as a whole, you can store them in small airtight patches that might help you freeze quickly and effectively.

It must be said that there are greater chances that the urine might stink if not appropriately preserved. This might make you get caught during the urine testing. 

Final words

It is best to keep your system clean that can help you clear your urine drug test whenever possible. Storing an old urine sample might or might not work. Avoid using alternative practices like using synthetic urine, as you might lose your career if you get caught. It is not assured that these techniques might help you pass your urine drug test.