Covid-19 seriously has taken us all by surprise. Since its first emergence in December 2019, millions of people in this world have been infected. In fact, around two million people had lost their lives until February 2021. This pandemic has surely caused a lot of bad effects on our society. The economy is falling, thousands of people lost their jobs, thousands of students cannot continue their study and people are suffering from this pandemic. It surely has to stop. However, there is no sign that this virus will stop in the near future. Besides, scientists think that this pandemic will go on until at least 2023. This is surely not ideal for us. Covid-19 cases are always on the rise and a lot of people have been infected on a daily basis. Most of the hospitals are overloaded and will not accept any new Covid-19 case anymore. The question is, what will happen if someone is infected and shows Covid-19 symptoms (simptom Covid-19) but they are ordered to just stay at home? Are they manageable?

         Usually, when someone develops symptoms of Covid-19 such as cough, shortness of breath, or fever, they need to go and meet their doctor as soon as possible. The doctor then will decide whether the person is a suspect or not. If he or she is suspected to have Covid-19, the person will need to undergo a Covid-19 swab test. This test is essential in order to determine whether that person is infected or not. If he or she does, the result will be positive. Depending on the result, doctors will order the person to undergo Covid-19 treatments. If the symptoms showed are severe, then he or she will need to be treated in a hospital setting in order to receive the best possible treatment available. However, if the person is having mild Covid-19 symptoms, there is a high possibility that he or she will need to undergo self-isolation at their own house. So, can people with mild Covid-19 symptoms recover at home?

         The fact shows that people with mild Covid-19 symptoms can recover at their own house. When someone was declared as Covid-19 positive with mild symptoms, they will be ordered to undergo a self-isolation protocol for at least 14 days. Besides, they will also receive some medications that they need to take during their self-isolation. These drugs are mostly symptom reliever drugs that aim to reduce or make the symptoms go away. The medications might include paracetamol for the fever and also cough suppressants medication. They need to take this drug as instructed until their condition gets better.

         Besides, they also need to strictly adhere to the Covid-19 protocols that are declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). They cannot go out of their house at all for at least 14 days. They also need to wear a mask if they desperately need to interact with other family members. Furthermore, hand sanitizing routine needs to be implemented each time they touch a shared-objects and obviously, social distancing protocol especially with the other family member needs to be followed by that individual. This is to ensure that that person does not spread this virus to other people. If he or she did follow and obey these protocols, they will have a high chance to recover themselves. Bear in mind that this is only possible if the symptoms are mild. If the symptoms seem to get worse, you need to immediately meet your doctor as soon as possible so that your doctor can give an appropriate treatment. Moreover, the Covid vaccination drive has also started. So, this pandemic would be ending soon.