Hey! Are you looking for Air energy recruitment? If yes, then here you will get to know about career and job opportunities, in the air energy sector. The Air energy sector is one of the fastest-growing air energy recruitment. 

It is also known as the most innovative industry in our economy. If we talk about job opportunities then 25,000 new jobs were added to the American wind industry. According to Air Energy Recruitment, the US wind industry has 102,000 workers. 

Furthermore, being a wind turbine technician in the US is prideful. Because wind turbine technician is a growing job opportunity in America. Let’s know further about the wind power industry or air energy sector.

What is the Wind Energy Sector? 

Firstly, wind is used in the production of electricity. And this process is done through Kinetic energy which can be created by air in motion. For doing this process, it needs wind farms, land or high sea. After executing the windmills, wind energy is obtained from the force of the wind. 

There are 3 parts to this process. Firstly, the rotor, second the multiplier and lastly the generator. And in which area and industry it has been called the wind energy sector.

What are Careers and Job Opportunities in The Air Energy Sector? 

Executing the wind farms and doing all the processes required a large man force. This increases careers and jobs in the air energy sector. If you are having trouble finding a job then you can consult with the air energy recruitment agency. 

But first w,e will talk about careers in the wind energy sector. There Are multiple careers in the air energy sector. Which are following as-

  • Firstly, Meteorological technician
  • Secondly, wind turbine component manufacturer
  • Thirdly, aerospace engineer
  • Fourthly, wind turbine field service technician
  • Lastly, site preparation and construction worker

A Career in Meteorological Technician

The job of a Meteorological technician is to find out where a wind turbine should be placed. Thus, The average Meteorological technician earns $99,000 annually.

A Career in Wind Turbine Component Manufacturer

The wind turbine component manufacturer has to increase the renewable energy mandate. Therefore, the average wind turbine component manufacturer makes $45,0000 annually.

A Career in Aerospace Engineer 

A career in aerospace engineering will reach top height. As an aerospace engineer, you have to design the wind turbine. And work on its generations. Hence, the average salary of an aerospace engineer is $118,000.

A Career in Wind Turbine Field Service Technician

According to the wind field service technician you have to fix all the broken parts of the wind turbine. Plus, greased all the mechanical parts of the wind turbine properly. Lastly, the annual pay is $56,000.

A Career in Site Preparation and Construction Worker 

Working in the air energy sector as site preparation and construction worker needs lots of hard work. But any high school student can think about making a career in this field. It just needs training for some months. Hence, The salary of a construction worker is $39,000 annually.

Hence, this is all about a career in the air energy sector. Now, we move further and know about air energy recruitment. Furthermore, the UK has 30,000 direct and indirect air energy recruitment. And, the UK is supposed to increase the job opportunities to 70,000 in the next decades. 

Additionally, India holds 5th rank in the world for job creation in renewable energy. Consequently, India will increase its job opportunities to 300,000 by 2021. Hence, there are so many careers and job opportunities in air energy recruitment.

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