The world of farming was revolutionized with the introduction of mechanization. Undoubtedly, one of the most powerful farming machinery is the harvester. The combine harvester made life easy for the farmer since it combined three processes of harvesting – reaping, winnowing, and threshing. It also helped the farmer save time and reduce physical effort. The case combine harvester is one of the most popular harvesters made by the Case Corporation. The question here is whether it is worth investing so much money in the harvester. The answers are discussed below.

The case harvester

The case combine harvester is farming equipment that makes use of innovative technologies to make farming more effective. The harvester can be used to harvest any type of crop. This is one of the reasons why farmers are adopting the harvester and using it in their farming operations. The harvester is made by Case IH, which is one of the most well-known companies in the farming machinery sector.

Is It Worth Investing?

To understand if it is worth investing on the case combine harvester, it is required to understand the benefits the equipment offer. This would help in knowing if it is really worth investing in it.

• The combine harvester makes the process of harvesting easy. The farmer needs to sit in the cab of the harvester and operate the harvester. The machine would reap the crop using the headers. The reaped crop is threshed and winnowed and the grain harvested is collected in the tank. The only effort required is running the harvester through the field.

• Apart from making harvesting easy, the harvester saves a lot of time. What would earlier take weeks would now take days or hours to complete. In today’s competitive world, time is money.

• When done manually harvesting requires a lot of effort. Manpower needs to be hired and paid wages. All these are saved with the harvester. Minimal staff is required on the farm resulting in huge savings for the farmers.

• The yield of the crop or the productivity is increased thanks to the use of the harvester. This ensures more crops can be sold helping the farmer earn more.

• Quality of harvested crops is crucial. Thanks to the harvester and the use of technologies, the quality of grain is improved. Problems like cracked or split cobs are solved. The result is that enhanced quality helps the farmers earn more. A farmer who sells quality products will be more successful.

• The Case harvester is easy to operate and easy to maintain. It is fuel-efficient. All these translate to more savings.

• With so much of savings and improved quantity and quality of crops, farmers can increase their earnings significantly. They can be more profitable, which is the biggest benefit of using the harvester.

From all the above it is very clear that the case combine offers huge benefits for farmers. The benefits ensure a great return on investment. This is why farmers should go ahead and invest on the combine harvester.