I’ve been using the cash app for about 2 years. Nothing I’ve done has gone against their terms of service. Today I sent about 200$ worth of Bit-coin to my wallet to sell it and cash it out. I’ve done it before with larger amounts and have never had a problem with it. Today, however, after I sent my Bit-coin to my cash app Bit-coin address I come to find out that my account was closed just moments after sending the Bit-coin. I had no clue it was closed as I still had access to everything the app offers, it allows me to buy Bit-coin, send money, and receive money from people. All in all, I have no clue what’s going on.

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I have reached out to support but knowing they take roughly a day to get back to your request I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and if the issue was resolved.


It seems really sketchy and my deposit is in limbo right now with no clarification on what I did to go against their terms of service. Again, if any of y’all have some tips let me know.