Australia is one of the idyllic continents. Boasting of one of the most inimitable topographies in the world, Australia consists of oceans swarming with the ethereal aquatic life and snow-covered peaks with mountains like Snowy Mountains.

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The icing on the cake apart from such rare-to-find landscape is the growth rate of this country due to which it has a satisfying employment rate. The land of kangaroos although has changed its immigration laws last year, even then it is still quite advantageous for immigrants to be here.

Australia is still quite inviting towards immigrants.  In 2017, Australia allowed a massive number of immigrants at, 208,000. You should be positive as the government has set the maximum amount of immigrants as per the PR programs to 190,000 in 2017-2018. And this number, includes separate targets for, Family visas and child visas and granting PR to those who have moved away from this country.

The Guardian magazine after a survey declared that as far as the source of immigrants is concerned, India and China are the biggest providers of immigrants to Australia.

The best part about immigrating to Australia is that it has no set intake. The number of immigrants is decided by the, population growth rate of this country. The government is responsible for deciding how many immigrants will get here, and this number is included in its annual budget. In fact, in the country of Australia, the immigration is considered as a better source of population increase rather than it’s growth rate. Immigration is required in Australia because it has a low birth rate.

At Nile Migration, you won’t have any issues in getting the visa of this country despite the changes in rules:

  • Doing away with the 457 visa: The government does not want the non-English speaking population to get a PR. The government has therefore removed the 457 visa which had lower requirements of English for the candidates. This visa just required the candidates to have, an average of 5.0 bands in English. Now, instead of this visa 186 visa has been introduced which requires the candidate to have, 6.0 in each one of the single IELTS bands.

Although the 186 visa gives you a PR instead of temporary residence of 4 years as applicable under the 457 visa, it’s tougher to get this visa.

  • Changes in the 189 and 190 visas: The maximum age for such visas will see a decline in2018. It will be changed from 49 to the age of 45.
  • There will also be removal of some occupations by the government in the MLTSSL list.
  • From now onwards, there will be ceilings on the number of applicants who can be allowed to immigrate as per a certain occupation under the 189 visa.

There are many occupations that have been removed from the STSOL, which are, Human Resource Manager, Supply and Distribution manager,  production manager(manufacturing), laboratory manager, cafe or restaurant manager. So, candidates need to know, which profiles have not been flagged by the government so that they can still get immigration here.

Despite all these changes, the candidates are applying in increasing numbers for Australia PR. You can meet your dreams of getting Australia immigration from us.