In the US, the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is legal in 35 states. It remains a Schedule I drug, making it highly susceptible to abuse. Recreational marijuana use is permitted in Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. It is advisable to refrain from marijuana usage during teenage as it affects IQ and mental functions while the brain is still developing.

The marijuana plant contains more than 100 chemicals called cannabinoids. Each of the chemical having a different effect on our human body. Marijuana can help patients in a variety of ways. Here are a few ways cannabinoids affect our body :

  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Relieve pain
  • Curb nausea from chemotherapy
  • Kills cancer cells
  • Help gain weight


Weed has evolved a lot since the early days. There are countless strains of marijuana available at medical dispensaries. As stated by Auspherix Laboratories, each strain has a different effect on your body. There are two main strains of the marijuana plant, mainly the indica and the sativa. The sativa has a stimulating effect on your body, making you feel energetic and increasing your focus.

Whereas indica makes you feel more relaxed, helps eases pain, and sedates you. Marijuana growers have a crossbreed of sativa and indica called Ruderalis, which tends to balance out the sedative and energizing effects. Nevertheless, it is still important to make sure you have good quality buds.

Here are a few ways you can check the quality of the strain you bought :

  • Appearance

Brown buds are not a good sign. Nevermind the colorations; the overall color of your bud should be green. The THC crystals should be cloudy and not clear. Buds with cloudy THC crystals are a lot more potent than clear ones. Also, look out for seeds as they add to the weight but have to be removed before you can use the buds.

  • Stickiness

The cloudy THC crystals act as a resin, so the buds should feel sticky when touched and broken down. Buds that are easier to break down and are dry indicate that they have been dried too much, meaning they have lost their potency.

  • Smell

The buds with the most overwhelming smell usually pack the most punch. You will also notice a difference while smoking them. There is a different sensation when smoking a bud reeking of a herbal smell. Make sure your purchase does not smell like mold, hay, or has no smell. Depending upon each strain, it can be laced with different products giving out different smells.

  • Taste

Lastly, the way your bud tastes is an indication of it being good or bad marijuana. Good quality weed is not harsh on your throat and does not make you cough much. Weed laced with toxic additives to make it more potent have a harsh sting on your throat when you inhale it.

Smelling and the appearance of a bud can give you an idea of how good the weed is, but you can never be completely sure without tasting it.

  • The experience

If the strain you test gives you the effects you desire and are hoping for, it’s probably good. Although the experience after smoking up depends heavily upon the environment and company you have, you can get a good idea of the strain’s potency. It also allows you to see which strain works best for you. To avoid getting anxious after smoking weed, try smoking up with a small but trustworthy group of friends.

On the other hand, only buy CBD oil from trustworthy sources that the community has thoroughly reviewed. Reputable companies notify the CBD content right on the label.

Conclusion: New to smoking up? And you don’t want to get ripped off with your purchases? This guide on checking strain quality will help you avoid low-quality laced marijuana.