I am not one to delight in long term use of blowing air, however was happily shocked that at 30% I might not feel the blowing air around my body, however might feel that the air corresponded, and cool. The fan also ‘billows’ your sheets depending upon the strength setting.

This only strengthens the company’s claim to circulate fresh air and supply wetness wicking results. I also tried it out with the dual comforter, which traps the air within the comforter itself, also enabling you to have double temperature level controls for both sides of the bed. Basically, you end up sleeping under a comforter that is not filled with poly or down, however air.

Much easier setup and some minor maintenance with the air filter. Conclusion If you are looking for ways to experience a cooler night sleep, or need a way to warm your bed and provide therapeutic heat, than both the Chilipad Cube and Bed, Jet are products you may wish to take a more detailed take a look at.

You also have more control over your all night sleep experience and can set particular strengths of air motion and temperature if required with making use of the app. Quick Compare Service warranty 2 year minimal warranty Thread count? 150 thread count poly-cotton mix.

Today we will see the leading two rivals of the bed temperature-control industry go head to head: the Bed, Jet versus the Chilipad and Ooler Sleep Systems. These two item lines both assure to help you improve and more relaxing shut-eye by keeping your bed at a more comfy temperature level, however they attain this objective in very different ways.