From making furniture out of suitcases to using an old workbench for a kitchen island, there are tons of ways to transform your home into a livable showcase of your valuable finds. Here are some items recommended by Cassandra House.

Not everyone wants a brand-new house full of brand-new furnishings. Good and bad, You Have to Keep Things Cleaner. Vintage décor is all about filling a home with charm and character. there is a lot of “energy” in the colors we choose to use in our homes. 


6 Antique & Vintage Home Décor Items


Use Books for Vintage Wall Décor –

Have a bunch of old books that you’ve collected over the years? Rather than putting them on a shelf or coffee table, use them as antique wall décor! Decorate your house’s walls with Books, Or you can tear out pages and make a collage with them and put decorative vintage frames around them, Use them to decorate the walls.



Mix & Match Different Antique Finds –

Mixing vintage and modern elements is one of the easier decorating, same style, same period. “You can find a wide range of styles in mirrors in good shape” Use them to build a cohesive look with a bright puffy chair and a compilation of black-and-white photos on the wall, or display a variety of vases as a centerpiece on a coffee table.


Blend Different Textures – 

I encourage you to play around with the Blending Textures to get different results. Add some warmth to your room by mixing antique and vintage decor textures. Layer neutral fur rugs on top of large Persian rugs. Place silk pillows on a leather couch. 


Go Crazy with Wooden Crates –

Old wooden crates can be repurposed for home décor. Two Wood Crates Turned Rustic Bedside Table! Not only can they be used for storing small plants on a windowsill or holding documents in a home office, but they can also act as the perfect coffee table in your living room or on your patio.


Choose a Color Scheme –

Creating a vintage home can be as easy as choosing items for a room that are within the same color palette. My favorite way to use vintage items is to pair them with Dark Colors.


Get Old Lockers for a Drop Zone –

Showcase your antique home décor right when guests walk in by creating a drop zone with old lockers. This will keep shoes, coats, and any extra items neatly tucked away and off the floor—plus, if you have kids, each one can have their own designated space!