Aspiring candidates who are looking forward to pursuing a management degree, for the most part, are confused in-between choosing an MBA or PGDM course. That’s why it became vital to understand the price difference between both of them.

Masters in Business Administration – MBA is a degree that is offered by the Universities (both Government and Private) and the Colleges that are affiliated to these universities.

Whereas Post Graduate Programme in Management or PGDM is a diploma program that is offered by B-Schools or Colleges that are recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Here, joining one of the top management institutes in India can make a lot of difference.


How to choose between MBA and PGDM?

It becomes quite difficult to choose between MBA and PGDM Course. While deciding between these two courses, what is most important as a student is to understand the personal goals. If you are interested in a corporate job and want to build a career in it, you need to choose a b-school or college based on their rankings, curriculum, and placements and not by the degree or diploma they offering. Most of the companies treat MBA or PGDM degree holders in the same manner. They only look forward to candidates that can perform well on the job and encompasses all the required skill sets. So, it’s more important to join a reputed college rather than having uncertainty between an MBA and PGDM.

MBA or PGDM: how should you decide?

Here is how you can decide between the two:

Decide your Primary Goals: If your goal is to join the corporate, then you can go with any PGDM or MBA program of your choice. What matters the most is what you learn at the school and opportunities you will get to evolve yourself. Here, faculty, curriculum, industry-integration, and placement plays an important role. If your goal is to get another academic qualification at a low cost, PGDM may fit the requirement.

Decide your Budget: It’s a significant consideration since the MBA fee ranges from 25,000 to 25 lakhs. Educational loan is available to pursue both MBA or PGDM program from all the major banks. You must weigh the advantages and disadvantages based on your end goal, fee structure and your financial ability.

As it’s not possible for everyone to achieve top-notch grades in CAT, getting admission in one of the best colleges may seem difficult. However, you can come across many other good B-Schools with low fee structure and can pursue your preferred program. Before moving ahead, you should also see the return on investment that you would get after completing the degree.

Check Academic Credentials: One can enrol with PGDM B-schools after clearing anyone approved examinations among CAT, XAT, CMAT, MAT, GMAT, and ATMA. If you score well in these examinations, one can get admittance into a top-notch college. Read more about these examinations and admission requirements of different colleges before proceeding further.

Make the Right Selection: Doing a management course can help you grow in the future. Your quest to learn managerial skills and set up your business can be fulfilled by making the right selection of colleges. Visit the website of some renowned management colleges in India and search for the right one to step ahead in your career.