Choosing the best wedding florist for your big day can be a daunting task. A bad choice can mean a lot of money lost and a very stressful situation for the bride and groom. However, if you do your research carefully you will soon realize that which wedding florist you hire doesn’t need to be a complex experience. Here’s a helpful guide to pick the right wedding florist

Ask for Referrals

Ask your friends for any referrals if possible. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get quality information. Take all suggestions, both positive and negative with a grain of salt. Remember that your needs, budget, style, expectations and personality is different to those of your friends and family members.

Hiring a local florist to the area you are getting married is a good idea because they won’t have as big of a travel fee. For example, if you are getting married in Auckland, you need to find the best wedding florist in Auckland, rather than someone from another location. Be specific in your search, this will help you narrow down the list of florists to contact.

Check out their reviews

To get a greater sample size of a wedding florist’s ability, jump online and read some of their reviews. Some places that review wedding flowers are: bridal magazines, online forums, florists own websites or google my business profile, and customer satisfaction websites. Reading reviews will give you a more complete picture of how other customers have found working with the florist instead of relying just on one referral from a friend.


Do your research before you start contacting florists

Choosing the right wedding flowers is not as easy as ABC. It takes time and a little research. However, it is important to have an idea of what you are after before you start contacting wedding florists. Once you at least have a rough idea of what you want it’ll be easier to narrow down and find a wedding florist which is a good fit. When thinking about the type of flowers you want on your special day you will want to take into consideration the venue, the season, and your personal preferences. It is important to consider the type of flowers you want at your wedding so that you will be able to get a bouquet that fits your style perfectly. If you see an elegant bridal bouquet on their website that you love, this is a good sign that their style will suit what you want to create!


Ask for discounted rates

If you are thinking of hiring a generalist florist, from opposed to a specialty wedding florist, ask them for a discounted rate. General florists sell one bouquet at a time. They sell bouquets for all kinds of occasions from birthdays to Mother’s Day, to valentine’s day and other special occasions. Their price per bouquet can be quite high and you you’ll be shocked to find out how much it would cost for all the flowers required for a wedding. However, there are many flower shops that will put together a wedding package for you or give you a discount off their regular retail price.


Style of florist

The style of wedding florist is also something to take into consideration. Your florist may offer a certain style, or he or she may not. This all depends on the floral arrangements and the style of the shop. You can ask a friend or family member who is shares a similar style and taste in flowers to help you find the perfect florist.

Taking all of these things into consideration when choosing the right florists can help you choose the perfect flower shop or specialty wedding florist that fit your personal style. You want someone who is well experienced, creative and who is willing to listen to what you want and dedicated to helping achieve your vision.


Choosing colours

Another thing to consider when choosing a bouquet is the wedding theme. There are so many different colors and themes to choose from. From classic colors like white and pure white to more modern colors like purple and pink. Take the time to look at some pictures of various wedding themes and decide which colors would look best for your big day.

What is the wedding color? Some florists can create floral arrangements in colors that match the bride’s dress. This can help if you are having a very formal or elegant ceremony. If your venue has a certain color scheme already decided, then this will definitely be an advantage.

In conclusion, with asking yourself the above questions and knowing your own style before you try to find a florist, you will be much better equip in choosing a florist that you are confident in.