How many times have you ignored the symptoms of varicose or spider veins? Most people deal with these web-like swollen veins in their legs and consider them a form of inconvenience. But what if they become more than unwanted appearance and inconvenience. Consult vein doctor California, if you experience varicose veins in the legs. 


Your spider or varicose veins can cause more serious problems such as; Chronic Venous 

Insufficiency (CVI). Maybe this condition won’t be life-threatening, but this type of vein disease can be painful after some time. Consult vein doctor san, Jose, if the symptoms of varicose veins are bothering you. 

Stages of CVI:

First, know about what is chronic venous insufficiency?

Leg veins play a vital role in pumping blood to your heart. The vein walls consist of a single narrow way to carry blood through them.  When the vein valves become damaged, the blood is unable to flow in an upward direction, therefore, it heads back down the legs. This may lead to the pooling of blood in your veins. Ask for treatment from a vein doctor san Diego to relieve the symptoms. 

Initial Stages of CVI:

Most people are familiar with the initial stage of spider and varicose veins. Spider veins are tiny web structures that can be noticed usually in red and purple colors. Moreover, varicose veins are swollen, bulging, and rope-like structures. Get the treatment from vein doctor la Jolla if you want immediate relief from the varicose veins.


Basic symptoms of varicose veins may include:


  • Achy legs
  • Fatigue leg muscles
  • Restlessness in the legs
  • Feeling of itching, and tingling.

Consider these symptoms of spider or varicose veins timely and get the treatment.  

Later Stages of CVI:

When the stages of chronic venous insufficiency advance, the severity of the symptoms also increases. The most common issues that are noticeable can be;

Swelling(edema): it occurs due to faulty circulation and fluid build-up.

Skin discoloration: it is a result of inflammation that may end in red itchy rashes.

Leg ulcers: painful ulcers with open sores that are unable to heal properly.  Patients may experience infection that grows when the bacteria enter the open wounds on their legs. 

The final stage of CVI has a major impact on your lymphatic system. When Lymph drainage decreases, the structure of vein walls becomes faulty. 

As early as you notice the symptoms, you are less likely to encounter the late stage of CVI. consult for the most suitable treatment from vein specialist la Jolla.  

Treatment Options for Chronic Venous Insufficiency:

The only way to avoid late-stage chronic venous insufficiency is to deal with symptoms early;

One of the best treatments for spider and varicose veins is sclerotherapy which is a quick procedure that includes an injection of saline solution known as sclerosing agents. This method helps seal the damaged vein walls that redirect blood to properly functioning veins. Treatment should be conducted by the vein specialist San Jose to get the best results. 

This method not only decreases the appearance of ugly veins but alleviates the pain associated with varicose veins. Consider the treatment from a vein doctor near me la Jolla.

Other treatment options include: 

  • Compression socks or stockings
  • Phlebectomy (small incisions to remove varicose veins) 
  • Endovenous Laser Ablation Therapy or EVLT based on catheters, lasers, and ultrasound treatments

Consult your condition with a vein specialist near me la Jolla to determine the best mode of treatment. 

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