Online shopping started late in the Nepalese market. Although online shopping sites in USA have seen a growing trend in recent days, many people are still hesitant to do so. Today, we have a few myths that exist in the commercial world:

Low prices and good customer service have separated you

You may have very low prices and you may have friendly, hard-working employees in the industry, but these things are no longer considered separate from e-commerce purchases. Customers want to have a reason to connect with your products and product without saving money and getting timely feedback from your customer support manager You will find customers easily online and sales will be closer as soon as you start a website.
‘Build and they will come’ seems to be the epitome of many e-commerce dreamers. Somehow the basics of marketing and construction seem appealing online. The fact is that you have to work hard with all online sales as you will have to do in the real world. Successful e-commerce companies work on their offerings, marketing messages and marketing strategies as hard as any offline company unless the offer is digital rather than physical. But digital doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Security Concerns

People often lack confidence about their corrupted information while shopping online. However, online shopping websites increase security levels because they use encryption and remove translation from their websites which protects the user’s privacy while the user buys the items they want.

Offline engagement is immeasurable and impossible to provide real-time information on engagement. It is possible to track offline transactions but it is known that it is difficult to follow the behavior of offline buyers and influence them in a significant way when they are in the store, near the place of purchase.

Delivery is slow in online shopping

Another reason people avoid buying online is because it is thought to take longer to deliver. While global shipping products can take weeks, shipping products within Nepal quickly accelerated, thanks to companies such as DHL and Fast Movers.

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