As everyone always selects simple home design but some have myths about simple home design or simple home decoration. So in this article, you get rid of the rules of thumb set over the years that one has to comply with in terms of creating a perfect house.

Here Are The 10 Common Myths About Home Decorations-


Start with one fact i.e. you get what you pay for, you can select to furnish your home inexpensively if you’ve vision and realistic expectations of the quality you should receive at the budget you decide to work with. You’ll find different kinds of products for home decor online and you can design your home at a reasonable cost. You just have to find what you like, place the order.


There’s no better way to add colour, texture and to fill your own personality than by adding various patterns together. Stripes, checks, florals and plaids go hand in hand. All you’ve to do is stick to your chosen colour palate. It’s nothing but a myth we need to go with different colours and patterns only, whether you’re choosing blues and greys, pinks and green or black and white you can definitely mix prints and patterns. Fabulous patterns as long as you keep the colour scheme right, get creative with scale.


It takes more effort and time to coordinate versus match, but your room will look and feel more cohesive, chic, and likely seem to be a better reflection of your personal style. Simply not everything needs to be perfect and matching rather it should showcase your personal style and preferences. The days of matching and monochromatic looks are over instead of that cohesive coordination reigns supreme.


Dark colours add warmth, texture and dimension to your room. Dark colours add a sense of culture, drama, and glamour. Dark walls go perfect with canvas paintings. A piece of art, when hung on a dark wall, can make a much more powerful statement. Rooms tend to seem smaller when they are crowded. Dark coloured walls are perfect for handcrafted items and vintage art.


Each home has four walls, why must only one wall be your centre of attention? What about your grandmother’s Picasso that you’ve just inherited? The windows and the grand work of art are all worthy of attention. By giving central points you’re not adding texture, dimensions but you’re also adding your own style. This helps you create a diverse range of art and craft in your house.


This is like someone sticking to their hobby or passion. We’re all-around and therefore why shouldn’t our homes be the same. There’s no reason that your Japanese sculpture can’t coexist beautifully next to your antique, classical French table. Blending, merging or various styles gives your home a layered feel and are the best way to incorporate your sense of style and self.


When it comes to decorating your home, you need to go with your personal style and taste. What do you like? What are your favourite styles? Hobbies? And which colours are you going with? What is your favourite type of artwork? Would you go with modern or classical? Are you a DIYer? Your home should be a reflection of your own taste and passions, not those of someone else.


As we’ve mentioned above your home is the reflection of who you’re. Create your own style and give a unique touch to every space of your home. For more Simple decoration ideas or are you looking for classic homes Whangarei, check out the exclusive range of home decor at STONEWOOD to give your home a unique and contemporary look.

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