Thank god! The world is outsetting up again slowly and in many people’s minds travel is a priority. I know, guys, you are not packing for the first time, and you have experienced packing it a lot. Like a lot. But have you noticed? 

Regardless of the final destination, the common thing has been the dreadful need for travel shoes. Ughhh! And not to overpack too in the shoe department. 

People think they need to pack waaaay more shoes than they do. Shoes occupy a lot of space in your suitcase so why don’t you use that SPACE wisely! (obviously along with weight restrictions)

It’s essential to figure out what shoes to pack that you really need. So we have figured out the best collection of shoes from trendy women’s clothing, along with some spikes you need to keep in mind.

Make your travel go easy with these rewarding tips

Opt for a Sturdy Shoe

Do you want aching feet from your yucky shoes? Nobody wants that, right! You want it to be supportive and sturdy. Go for a platform or flat bottoms, so you are not wobbly on cobblestone. Or to any other kind of road that isn’t your standard sidewalk.

Must have good foot Coverage

While traveling, I usually experience that my foot stepped on while wearing flip-flops. My god, it hurts so badly! So it means you need to keep your foot mostly covered and protect your tootsies with good foot coverage. Also, they are better in wet weather, and you can avoid foot sunburn too.

Don’t pack brand-new shoes

Women’s designer shoes are not right for your summer trekking or road trip. It’s not a wise decision. Travelers saying you need to wear high-quality walking shoes doesn’t mean you risk your brand new shoes to break in that you just bought a few weeks before a trip.

Make comfort a priority

Summer, fashion, and comfort all go along with it. It is best to find a shoe that you can wear the entire day of touring and traveling. You don’t need to stop along the way to change your shoes because of a blister. Wear a no-show sock with sneakers during the day as it will protect you from blisters and sweat and offer you comfort.

 #Hack: No-show sock doesn’t break up the leg line, and it looks like you are sockless, but in reality, you aren’t!

Let your high wedges and pump reside at home 

You aren’t walking the red carpet in Cannes, right! So you can leave your stilettos aside. Instead of it, opt for a block heel that won’t be stuck in cobblestone or concrete. In addition, they offer you support to keep you stable while walking. So get these groovy sandals from online boutiques and make comfort your pathway.

Neutrals are always best

Neutral color shoes will be your travel buddy that goes with several outfits. Therefore, it is best to consolidate it in the shoe packing department. Black, grays, tans, and a mix of white, as well as denim and florals, give you a hell of a lot of options to style your outfit.

It’s the versatile travel option to go for an accent color. Make sure you can wear them with multiple outfits if you go for ruby, beige or green flats.

Go for the ones that you know you’re comfortable wearing

It might sound like weird advice but use your own before running out to buy new. Your trip will be kind of easier if you wear shoes that you know you are comfortable with and can walk miles in. Online clothing boutique offers you some really great shoes that are perfect for your travel.  

Say no more than three pairs

Usually, two pairs of shoes would work, but for a longer trip, or one with variable weather, you can opt for three pairs. But pack no more than three pairs. You can create a trinity combination for various situations. For summer trip weekend: flats for the road + block heels for dinner/lunch + sneakers for the trek. These are the perfect summer style tips for perfect shoes to pack.

Three essential travel buddies recommendations:

Imperishable one – Sahara black sandals!

online clothing boutique
This sandal is both classic and functional. It’s true and makes you feel lighter and more summery. Wear it with jeans, shorts or a sunny dress. It makes you look polished and stay cool all day long. 

My forever friend – Camo sneakers

A great everyday and travel-friendly shoe is these lightweight camp slide sneakers. It is cool to style it with a dress, slacks, jeans, shorts too. So you can wear it on planes, trains for chic, comfortable footwear.

Modernized with comfort – Jolie black wedges 

online clothing boutique

They are sturdier shoes and modern too. Offer you some height with comfort and support. Being partial here in styling, it literally goes with everything. Also, it has the ability to elongate your legs. Step up from sneakers or flat sandals and think of them as your evening shoes. It is walking friendly. 

All-purpose, all-star travel shoes!

When you are preparing to pack for a summer trip, you want your shoes to be comfortable enough in the sizzling hot weather. It helps you to explore the full day with a chic enough look, and you can wear it to dinner too. We hope that these travel shoe tips are helpful to you. If you are searching for chic and comfortable shoes, a women’s boutique is here to amaze you with shoe collections.