In the last two decades, technology has taken a digital shift the impact is quite evitable. EdTech has transformed the methodology of modern education. Testing approaches have become adaptable to digitization. Online testing tools are permitting CBT tests are going far beyond accountability. The new-age technology assessment merges matrics such as students, college, and career readiness. Testing of knowledge and skills with personalized feedback has become simple. Currently, education is focusing on delivering the test to parents and students care about.

How CBT online tests are changing assessments?

Innovation in assessment has a substantial impact on restructuring the country‚Äôs education system. Instead of manual data tracking, schools and institutions are dependent on CBT exams that offer holistic insights into every learner’s skills and knowledge. Digitizing is impacting both students’ and teachers’ experiences. According to the research, EdTech is empowering teachers to manage and determine the authenticity of the task. It would result in an inclusive and effective learning experience.

Benefits of Online Testing:

  • Automated score dedication grading to enhance scoring accuracy.
  • Computer-adaptive assessment permits testing by each individual
  • Technology-enhanced tasks like problem solving and writing are now possible.

An Initiative towards Customized Assessment

As Industry is going through a digitized shift, it is supporting accredited and meaningful assessment. Technology-powered assessment merges with instruction while striving a reflection on how students would learn. CBT exams play an integral role in delivering a flexible and personalized learning experience. Whereas customization is concerned, it is driving modern education. Digitization is to deliver an assessment that reflects the work directly in the classroom.

Steps to move from Paper-Based Testing to Computer-Based Testing

A move from Paper-based Testing to Computer-Based Testing has to be controlled carefully. Utmost level expertise is needed to secure the validity and integrity of the test are maintained.

Consider the move towards CBT test

There is never been a good time to move towards CBT tests. Technological advancement has offered many options to reach the candidates. After Covid 19 pandemic, organizations are taking the first step to move towards the remote proctored test. Covid 19 has taught us that it’s easy to catch out of unseen circumstances.

Do your homework

While you start thinking about the move, take your time to do homework. The best option is to speak with a company that has excel in this transition. You’ll be able to learn from their capabilities and mistakes.

Design a project and create a management plan

A good plan plays an important role in project failure and success. When you are making a move from paper-based testing to computer-based testing, you need a comprehensive plan which would define role and responsibilities, project scope and deliverables, task, and timeline of the project. Your provider would work with you and would design a plan that you both agree on. To simplify the transition between the paper-based test to a computer-based test, you should have a definite plan that would analyze the transition and how it is impacting the organization.


In addition, CBT exams have been hired for the evaluation process. Well-designed tests would focus on the target areas with accuracy and motivates students to perform better. On the contrary, it is eliminating the inconvenience of manual evaluation and intensifies evaluation.