Weddings are one of the most glorious celebrations of every culture. The aura, the decorations, the details are well managed by the designers and organizers. Weddings might be organized on a massive expense or DIY wedding celebration, reasonably. Both are trending and can be arranged just as perfectly. Every event needs an idea and plans to arrange it accordingly. There are printable checklists and wedding organizers online for ease. However, to arrange a wedding you can plan the whole event flawlessly. The engagement ceremony comes first. Purchase the rings and opt for wedding insurance.

The Wedding Plan Checklist

  1. The date the big day! Whether it is even a year away, you need to keep a deadline a week before. The months and the weeks planned according to the marked calendar dates.
  2. The planner, the musicians, florist, a team of videographers and photographers, and decoration organizers. The symmetry of the videos and Polaroids should be aligned.
  3. The colour combinations and the brands you purchase for the attire are most important. Write down all the accessories of the bride and groom. Including the dress, suit, shoes, veil, and jewellery. The bride’s cosmetics bought and appointments dated.
  4. Select the most trending theme. The colours and shades of the entire event. Some combinations can be evergreen and gold, maroon and dark purple, cherry red, and sweet heather purple in trend. Luxury Candles Supplies, curtains and veils, table decorum, utensils and napkins, and table designs for families. The fairy lights, flower bouquets, air fresheners, and catering scheme. Every detail should burst decency and elegance at perfection. The baskets, vases, and petal confetti at the entrance.
  5. Check out the selection of cakes and flowers. The flavours, icings, decorations, and the size selected by both bride and groom. The planner should consider the suggestions of both. The groomsmen and bridesmaid attire selection should be the next priority.
  6. The arrangement of the wedding cards and letters for the invitations. The reception seating and reception menu. The guestbook and email invitations all sorted. The names and seating arrangements discussed. And the
  7. For the honeymoon holidays, select the destinations, book flights and hotels early, and get the documents ready.
  8. Finalization and confirmation. The wedding day timeline schedule, programs, and playlist with the finest musicians affordable. Pick up the rings and final dress and suit fittings. Finally, confirm the booking of the transportations. Send the drivers the location of the wedding hall.
  9. The bride gets ready before the wedding. Book her spa, facial, manicure and pedicure, massage, and book a hairstylist earlier. She needs her beauty sleep after the hectic day at the salon.
  10. Make a list of all the expenses, rents, payments, and cash tips to the services of the pro-planners. Pack for the honeymoon and book the special stay for the pets and plants if they have any.


A perfect wedding, not only comprises of embellishments but also the wonder during the journey. Enjoy and soak every moment while you plan.