You’ve already noticed that the right jewelry can really elevate an ensemble when worn with the right clothes. You might have a favorite pair of earrings or a necklace that you often wear to work with your favorite outfit. 

Is there, however, any unwritten rule on which jewelry goes with which outfits?

While not officially recognized, there is an art to matching jewelry to your outfit. We’ve put together a list of jewelry outfit matching tips below. Keep in mind that these are merely suggestions that have proven to be effective. Always remember to be yourself and do what you want!

  1. The Jewelry Matches The Occasion 

Wearing an outfit that matches the occasion is the first rule you need to remember in fashion. You don’t want to be the center of attention for the wrong reasons, so being overdressed or underdressed will make you feel out of place.

Do you work in a workplace such as a school, law firm, hospital, or other settings? With this type of workplace setting, you can always go for simple and classic pieces. You can wear small hoops, heart stud earrings, small gold pendants, chain bracelets, and single bangles.

If you work in a more informal and casual environment, you can wear chic earrings or a beautiful silver necklace, but avoid statement pieces that are bold and sparkly. To look for a jewellery set, you can check out Dephini. They have various jewelry such as heart jewellery sets, heart necklace rose gold, and more. 

  1. Define the Focal Point of your Jewellery

Your outfit may be flawless, but if you want to make your face the center of attention, invest in a pair of statement earrings. You know, the ones with the bright colors and glitter that draw attention to your eyes. You can always balance the accessories you want to wear by knowing which to add as bold and subtle. 

For example, if you are wearing statement heart stud earrings, then you go for a subtle silver heart necklace. If you want to attract attention to your wrists, go for a pretty and sparkly bracelet, a stack of bangles, and a minimal gold heart pendant. 

Drop earrings that don’t taper at the bottom, for example, are a good choice for women with heart-shaped faces. To highlight their cheekbones, ladies with oval faces should wear studs or triangular earrings.

  1. Jewelry That Compliments Skin Tone

It’s not enough to match your jewelry to your outfit. Women who are good at accessorizing these days know how to use jewelry to highlight their skin tones.

Light or white metals, such as white gold, platinum, and silver, suit people with cool skin tones. Yellow and rose gold, bronze, and brass jewelry suit people with warm skin tones. You’ll look fine in both white and yellow metals if you have a neutral skin tone.

On cool skin undertones, bright blues, emeralds, and deep purples can look fantastic. Frosty pinks, ice blues, and lavender will also look fantastic. Ruby, light rosy red, or super-pale yellows are good choices for warm skin tones. You should wear cool green, bright white, and navy with neutrals.

  1. Consider Your Hairstyle

Hair is an essential aspect of our identity. You can convey your personality by styling your hair in a variety of ways. However, before pinning down a hairstyle, keep your jewelry in mind. Earrings are worthy of being shown. If you’re wearing beautiful hoops, consider pulling your hair back into a ponytail to show them off.

You’ll be showered with compliments all day. Necklaces look fantastic with updos. Nothing is more frustrating than wearing a lovely necklace but being unable to see it because your hair is in the way. On a hot day, keeping your hair out of your face will also help you stay cool.

  1. Choose Colors You Love

Choose your favorite colors to adorn your outfits with while accessorizing! Jewelry is, after all, a significant form of self-expression. You need to love everything you wear if you want to feel comfortable in your wardrobe combos.

Color psychology can also be used to help you select the right colors for your jewelry. What kind of energy do you want to exude? Blue bangles are a good choice if you want to project a calm and collected demeanor. Try a yellow or orange accent if you want to appear friendly, approachable, and enthusiastic.


It can be difficult to match jewelry to an outfit and, if done incorrectly, can ruin the whole look. Using the tips in this post, you will learn how to pick the right jewelry for any outfit with ease, saving you time and stress while assisting you in putting together stunning looks.