Computer application is a course that allows aspirants to gather knowledge and learn different skills to become a part of the IT industry. As per convention, a BCA course is the ideal medium to learn new skills and enter this industry within three years. Apart from this course, a candidate can pursue a B.Tech in IT or Computer Science which will take at least 4 years to complete. This is why most IT aspirants choose BCA as the prime course for education.

These days, aspirants look for a specialized academic career to ensure better opportunities in the industry. They choose the top colleges for BCA in Delhi where they can pursue a specialization after completing their bachelor’s degree. This step enables them to complete their academic career under a single roof and to gain excellent career options later.

Amity gurgaon
Amity gurgaon

Courses you can choose after BCA

There are a diverse set of specializations one can choose after completing BCA in a reputed college. It all depends on the eligibility criteria, the credibility of the students, and their aptitude level. Here is a list of specializations you can choose as a career advancement step after completing a BCA course in Delhi.

  1.     Master of Computer Application  (MCA)

An MCA course offers a multifaceted platform where you can find exceptional specialization choices to go with. It depends on the college infrastructure whether you can find the right specialization according to your need.  Most aspirants opt for colleges that offer BCA and MCA courses one after the other. These approved colleges are ideal to choose for developing your academic career on the right path. You can become a system analyst, test engineer, software consultant, software engineer, database administrator, etc after completing your MCA.

  1.     Master of Information Management

One of the biggest challenges the world is facing is managing information and data. The huge chunk of data developed during business operations needs to be managed accordingly to generate information for better management of a business. This is where BCA graduates look for a management degree in information management. An MBA in IT course is what you need to pursue for two years. You can pursue a career as a data management consultant, system analyst, information architect, IT manager, management information system engineer, etc.

  1.     Information security management

As mentioned earlier, data is being generated at a huge rate and needs to be properly tamed to make business operations better. Apart from its management, one needs to improve the security of data like websites, applications, and other portals that can be hacked to gain sensitive information and use them illegally. Information security opens an exceptional domain. Pursue a course and become an information security manager after completing a BCA course in Delhi.

  1.     Master of business administration

One of the popular choices a BCA graduate makes is pursuing an MBA. They learn how to manage a business and use these skills along with the IT skills to enter top companies as valuable assets.

Final words

After completing your degree from one of the top colleges for BCA in Delhi, go for these options to enhance your academic career.