A few years ago my friend and I got a call from the local geneticist. He told us that he could easily look at my wife and son’s sperm and tell if we had the COVID-19 mutation or not. My wife and I are open-minded believers in evolution, but we were a little taken aback when he said he could look.

So, we set out to find out what the problem was and how we might find out if we were the carriers of the mutation. Of course, the first place we went was the local hospital registrar. They have a protocol for doing paternity tests and one of them involves looking for mutations. The COVID-19 protocol also mentions a paternity test, which is done using PCR. See PCR test near me.

So, after a long wait, the doctor came in with our DNA and explained to us what the whole process was. We were dumbfounded. He showed us pictures of his X-ray machine and said that it was the perfect instrument to do a paternity test. We all looked at each other like we had been told a lie and thought to ourselves, what in the world does this guy know that we don’t?

Turns out, he knew something that we were missing! It turns out that the reason that we were getting a paternity test was that our sons have several mutations in their DNA, which is labeled as the COVID-19 mutation. The COVID-19 mutation shows up in only about five percent of twins. If you have a child with this disease, you are at risk. Once you have the mutation, you are very likely to pass it on to your children.

This is why you need the COVID-19 Mutation to figure out if you are at risk or not. The first thing that we found out was that if we took a blood test, we could tell right away if we had the mutation. So, the next thing we found out was that there is a DNA test that actually works. So, if you want to know if you have this disease, then you can use this test and tell if you do or not. There is a lot more than you can learn about this disease and how this disease affects your chances of passing it on. There is also information about how to get your DNA testing and all of the things that you can do to help prevent the COVID-19 Mutation from affecting you and your children.

When we found out all of the things that we could learn from the DNA test, we could not wait to get started with the paternity test. Unfortunately, until we were able to afford to use a DNA testing center, we did not have a choice. But, now that we have the option of using a local DNA testing company, we are going to give this test a try. If it shows that we have the disease, then we will know and if it does not, then we will know how to fix the problem! Harley Medic International is providing a quality fit to fly COVID test. Also, for more information on this infographic visit Harley Medic International.